Lawson Bopping celebrates his round win at Hervey Bay
Josh Coppins worked hard for his fourth for the day

Bopping Snares Debut MX National Victory With CDR Yamaha

3 Jul 2012

CDR Yamaha’s Lawson Bopping cashed in on his recent trip to the USA with an inspiring victory in the premier MX1 class at round six of the MX Nationals held at Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Bopping has spent the last month in the USA working on his speed and practicing and training with some of the best riders in the world and he instantly made good with the round win at Hervey Bay.

And Bopping didn’t just fall over the line to claim the round win, he achieved it in near perfect fashion talking 1-2-1 results in the three motos and beat the most established names in Australian motocross.

“I’m stoked! I have never won a round at the MX Nationals in a pro class. I might have won a round back in the Under 19 days, but never in Lites, so this means a lot to me,” Bopping explains.

“The track wasn’t anything I rode in the US, but the intensity of practicing and riding with the best guys in the world is something that I learnt over there and I think that benefitted me here today.”

“I’m pumped with the win and can’t thank Craig and everyone at CDR Yamaha enough. The support and knowledge in the team is amazing and I’m loving the YZ450F.”

Current championship leader Josh Coppins maintains the points’ leaders red plate despite a crash filled day at Hervey Bay.

Coppins logged 6-3-5 results during the day and the only race he didn’t fall was moto two. He landed in fourth for the day and had his lead whittled down in the championship.

But maybe the damage control in moto three might prove to be a significant moment for Coppins. He crashed heavily in the early stages of the race and picked up way down the field. He regained his composure and began to pick off riders one at a time until he charged his way all the way back to fifth.

While fourth for the round is a respectable result of most riders, not for Coppins who demands more of himself.

“It wasn’t the day I was wanting,” Coppins laments. “I didn’t really get a good grasp of the track and never flowed the way I needed to ride my best.”

“It’s now up to me to head home, get back into my routine and come back strong at Horsham.”

The first man to greet Lawson Bopping as he crossed the finish line in the final moto was team boss, Craig Dack.

“I’m so happy for Lawson. He has come on so much this year and I can see a total change in the way he goes about things. He is changing from a fast rider to a professional athlete in front of us and its pleasing to see the rewards he is getting from his dedication and commitment to racing.”

“Josh was a couple off percent off today but on the positive side, he remains the championship leader. I’m confident he will back bounce at Horsham. He is the type of rider that will run through the day in his head, make the necessary changes to his riding and training and then redeem himself at the next round.”

The CDR Yamaha crew will now focus on round seven to be ran at Horsham, Victoria in two weeks time where Bopping will be out to prove the Hervey Bay wasn’t a fluke while Coppins is out for redemption.

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Round Six Results- Hervey Bay
1st Lawson Bopping (CDR Yamaha) - 72

2nd Todd Waters (Suzuki ) – 60
3rd Brad Anderson (Honda) - 53
4th Josh Coppins (CDR Yamaha) - 51
5th Daniel Reardon (KTM)- 49
6th Dean Porter (Suzuki) - 46
7th Jake Moss (Honda) - 39
8th Cody Cooper (Suzuki) - 37
9th Dylan Peterson (Kawasaki) - 34
10th Craig Anderson (Yamaha) – 33

Championship Standings – After Round Six
1st Josh Coppins- 352

2nd Todd Waters- 340
3rd Brad Anderson - 327
4th Lawson Bopping -327
5th Cody Cooper - 269
6th Tye Simmonds- 234
7th Jake Moss - 210
8th Jay Marmont - 207
9th Daniel Reardon- 196
10th Daniel McCoy- 189

Shayne Rice
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