Rick Olson's Yamaha R6

Build Your Own YRT Yamaha R6

5 Jul 2010

How to build your own ASBK / FX600cc Race Bike

Rider: Rick Olson
Bike Number: #23
Mechanic / Technican: Kevin Marshall

This list is not exhaustive but is a good start and based on Rick Olsons’ 2009 Championship bike setup:

(in brackets  or in bold are suppliers or brand names)     

 - First - Remove and box up road parts

*Change front brake lines to Goodridge  braided steel items  * bleed front and rear systems through completely with Castrol SRF brake fluid                             

*Change fairings/seat/ fr guard to Racers Edge race  items , *Fit GYTR slip on muffler  and * GYTR air filter

*Fit end case protectors (racers edge) or HD end cases (Woodcraft/Mick Hone)

*Remove forks and shocks and fwd to Frank Pons to modify, then refit.

*Fit crash knobs (shorter direct mount racing types are best) (GYTR R6 racing type)

*Fit 520 sprockets/ chain set –  (GYTR rears 42-46, AFAM  fronts 14,15) should cover most circuits. (use DID 520 racing Chain and rivet link)

*Fit rear stand lugs to swing arm (commonly available)* Fit chain guard (sharks fin type– Racers Edge)  *Fit lap timer (Road Rocket).

*Drill and lock wire where required for regulations, *Drain coolant, flush and refill with water

*Fit Dunlop Series Control tyres ,*Supply tyre warmers (Yamaha Racing, Bandit, Sportsbike)

*Use only the highest quality synthetic engine oil after run-in (Belray, Motul, Yamalube)

*Fit fluid overflow bottle, *Fit radiator guard (RadGuard)  *Supply front and rear wheel stands (Sharp Racing, Anderson)

*Fit  an Ohlins ‘across the top’ type  steering damper kit, ( Steve Cramer, Frank Pons)

Optional: (Rick used stock items) depending on riders’ size and preference:
1)  adjustable rear sets, 2) aftermarket handle bar assemblies. (Road Rocket, Mick Hone)

*For FX600 only – Install Power Commander Fuel Injection Controller and have mapped by reputable tuner

Most important is adopting a correct running in procedure and completing it! Then keeping up a strict service regime to follow it.

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