Coppins took out the Moree round and now has an 18point lead with one round remaining
Marmont fought off the flu to finish second and move to second in the championship

CDR Rockstar Yamaha Surge to the Lead In MX Nationals

24 Jul 2011

The CDR Rockstar Yamaha duo of Josh Coppins and Jay Marmont turned in an inspiring performance at round eight of the MX Nationals in Moree, NSW, to not only claim a 1-2 finish for the day but also take control of the Pro Open championship points with one round remaining.

In an eventful days racing, full of twists and turns in the premier racing division, the relentless speed and dogged determination of Coppins and Marmont saw the pair at their most powerful in a display that has set up a grandstand finish at the final round in Coolum this weekend.

Coppins entered the Moree round 14 points behind the championship leader Dean Ferris but leaves with an 18 point lead over team mate Jay Marmont on the back of his impressive racing at Moree. Coppins won the day with 1-2-2-1 finishes in the four moto format, beating Marmont on a count back as they both finished on equal points for the round in a CDR Rockstar Yamaha 1-2.

Again the Coppins race plan of a steady start and a barnstorming finish served him well as the likeable Kiwi piled on the pressure late in every race as he surged his way forward to take a popular and well over due win.

“I’m pretty happy and satisfied with the day,” Coppins mentions after the event. “It’s been a great day for the team, a great day for Yamaha and all our sponsors and the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of people. But, it’s not over yet so its straight back to work tomorrow as this championship is far from over,” Coppins finishes.

Right there with Coppins on the podium was Jay Marmont who finished with 2-1-1-2 results equaling Coppins but due to Coppins’ better finish in the final moto he gets the round win. Moree was the scene that set up his 2010 National victory and if Marmont manages to win the championship in 2011, he will look back at the Moree round in the same vein.

Marmont struggled with the flu during the week and wasn’t 100% when the day started. The battling and intense racing in the opening two motos drained his energy supplies and then in between motos three and four Marmont was physically sick. But not one to quit and go down quietly, Marmont charged straight to the front of race four and only relinquished one spot to Coppins in the final 10 laps.

“It was a good day and a very tough day,” Marmont said. “It was great to be able to make up some points and jump from fourth to second, but physically it was very demanding on me. I felt flat with the flu but knew that I had to give it everything. I look forward to a lazy day on Monday and getting rid of this thing so I’m 100% for Coolum.”

CDR Rockstar Yamaha Team Manager and a man who knows a thing or two about winning championships, Craig Dack, praised the work of his entire team for their weekend’s efforts but is acutely aware that more has to be done in order to secure the 2011 championship.

“What a fantastic day for the team but certainly eventful all round,” Dack enthuses. “We were fortunate enough to put together four good motos at a really crucial time in the championship as some of the other riders had some issues. It’s unfortunate that Dean Ferris was injured in race three and the entire team hopes he is ok as both Josh and Jay have commented they enjoy racing with him.”

“We also recognize that there is no time to get ahead of ourselves either,” he continues. “We still have four motos, four starts, four first turns and forty racing laps left. The job isn’t done and again we will prepare as we have for every race and continue on the same path that has bought us to the point. Anything can happen in motorsport so the team and riders will take up the fight at Coolum next week with the same attitude, same determination and same goal.”

The final round of the 2011 hits Coolum this weekend and the CDR Rockstar Yamaha team will spend the week in Queensland preparing for the event. For results and more information on the MX Nationals,

Round Eight Results – Moree
Pro Open





1st Josh Coppins




2nd Jay Marmont




3rd Todd Waters




4th Lawson Bopping




5th Cheyne Boyd




Championship Standings – One Round Remaining
1st Josh Coppins - 603
2nd Jay Marmont - 585

3rd Dean Ferris - 563
4th Billy Mackenzie - 559
5th Cheyne Boyd - 494
6th Michael Phillips - 460
7th Lawson Bopping – 433
8th Cody Cooper - 395
9th Louis Calvin - 313
10th Daniel Reardon - 226        

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