Kade Mosig rode well to finish fourth at Coolum
Dan Reardon made some costly mistakes at round five

CDR Yamaha Battle Black Sands of Coolum

2 Jun 2015

The CDR Yamaha team worked hard to overcome some trying luck at round five of the MX Nationals held at the Coolum Pines Circuit, over the weekend.

An incredibly rough track, first turn pile ups and unfortunate mistakes kept the CDR Yamaha duo of Kade Mosig and Dan Reardon from the podium but both vowed to return to top form when the series picks up at round six in one months’ time.

Mosig, who loves the Coolum circuit, again showed plenty of speed in both of his races, but any chance of a win was out the window as the MX1 pack charged into the first turn of the opening moto. Mosig, along with team mate, Reardon, were both involved in a first turn crash with Mosig on the bottom and losing precious time as he scrambled to his feet and remounted his YZ450F.

He then began the long process climbing his way back through the field. After 30 minutes, he crossed the line in seventh place in a valiant effort and salvaged some valuable points.

Moto two and things worked out much better with Mosig safely negotiating the first turn inside the top 10 and went to work on the riders ahead. He picked them off until he reached third place but with the top two some distance ahead, that’s where he finished.

His 7-3 results gave him fourth overall for the round and he now sits in fifth place in the championship in a very tight leader point with positions two through five all within a handful of points.

“I’m a little bit disappointed today,” Mosig offers. “Not so much in the way that I raced but not being able to achieve the result I wanted. I have done pretty well here in the past and I like the sand and the track so do not get on the podium is disappointing.

“But, the points are tight and we are only halfway through the championship. It’s not over yet and I will fight all the way to the final moto to get the best result I can for me and the CDR Yamaha team,” Mosig ends.

As mentioned, Dan Reardon was also in the opening moto pile up and forced to fight his way through the MX1 field. Reardon made it back to ninth place but wasn’t happy with his result.

Moto two and Dan was in the thick of the battle near the front of the field. He had just made the pass into third place and looking to consolidate the position when he fell and lost a lot of time. He again scrambled as best he could but eighth was the best he could manage.

The 9-8 moto scores left him in eighth place for the round and he sits eighth overall in the championship.

“It was a tough day all round. The track was in great shape and the bike was working well but I hit the deck in each race and that cost me a better position for the day.

“We have a break now before the next round and I have some plans that should see me in much better shape come the second half of the series,” Reardon said.

Team owner chalks up the day to some tough luck and hopes the team can shake it off before the next round.
“Both riders were well placed going into the first corner of race one when the crash happened behind them and dragged both of them to the ground. There wasn’t much either of them could do, it was just a racing incident, but that doesn’t lessen the frustration.

“The second race was a little better but we need to find more consistency across every race and surface and also take advantage of the Superpole points. They are valuable points we just aren’t getting often enough,” Dack states.  

CDR Yamaha will now look forward to round six of the MX Nationals at the Raymond Terrace circuit in July.

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Round Five Results – Coolum

1st Lawson Bopping – 64
2nd Kirk Gibbs – 63
3rd Ben Townley – 61
4th Kade Mosig – 54 (CDR Yamaha)
5th Luke Styke – 54
6th Adam Monea – 53
7th Jesse Dobson – 51
8th Daniel Reardon – 46 (CDR Yamaha)
9th Cody Cooper – 42
10th Dylan Long

Championship Standings – After Round Five
1st Kirk Gibbs – 341
2nd Luke Styke – 289
3rd Adam Monea – 283
4th Lawson Bopping – 282
5th Kade Mosig – 281 (CDR Yamaha)
6th Jesse Dobson – 240
7th Dylan Long – 234
8th Daniel Reardon – 230 (CDR Yamaha)
9th Cody Cooper – 219
10th Kale Makeham - 180


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