Cody Dyce is the 2014 Vic 125cc champion
Angus Gelly had a much better weekend.

Cody Dyce Wins Vic Champs for VIC – YJR

30 Jul 2014

The fourth and final round of Victorian Junior Motocross Championships was run this past weekend hosted by The Blue Rock club in Newborough. Both YJR riders Cody Dyce and Angus Gelly were fired up to put there Yamaha’s on the podium, with Dyce in the thick of a championship battle on his YZ125 and YZ250F.

Saturday had the boys lining up on their 125's for the three motos to determine the 2014 state champion. Cody came into the round sitting second place with a nine point deficit, so he knew nothing short of a perfect day was needed if he had any chance of winning the title.

After a last place start in moto one and a charge all the way to first in just four laps. Cody knew he had the pace to win. Motos two and three saw Cody with holeshots and then race away for the win, to comfortably take the 13-15years 125cc championship on his first year on the big bikes by four points.

Sunday on the 250f more of the same was needed sitting in second place, this time 18 points behind. Three holeshots, followed by dominating wins gave Cody the win for the day but he fell just five points short in the 250 championship.

"What an awesome weekend,” Dyce said with excitement. “My first big bike state title and my bikes were running just fantastic! What I'm most happy about this weekend as far as my riding goes is my starts, with five holeshots out of six and of course, winning."

Angus came into this weekend looking to regain confidence and get back the speed and consistency he showed in the early rounds. Starts were Angus's Achilles heel on the wet and slippery concrete start.

But six races over the two days with no major mistakes and no crashes were a major step in the right direction for Angus. Sixth overall on Saturday on the 125 and eighth on Sunday saw Angus show some great fight and speed to pass many riders as he worked his way to the front, with a best moto finish of fifth on the 250, in a deep field.

“This weekend was a little up and down as my starts really need to improve but I'm really happy not to have any crashes all weekend,” Angus said. “I must have passed a tonne of riders on both bikes and it feels good to get some good races under my belt before the Junior Aussies."

Cameron Taylor was on hand to guide his troops through the day and had this to say, "I'm really proud of both boys. Cody rode unbelievable all weekend winning six from six races with five holeshots. He really controlled the races from the front which is not always easy to do!! I'm pumped with Angus as I was really looking for fewer mistakes as I knew weekends like this will help so much with his confidence which is a little down at the moment."

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Championship Standings
A Grade 125cc
1st Cody Dyce – 379 (VIC- YJR)

2nd Wade Kirkland – 375
3rd Morgan O’Loughlin – 314

A Grade 250cc
1st Wade Kirkland – 380
2nd Cody Dyce – 375 (VIC – YJR)
3rd Callum Norton - 360

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