Cru Halliday takes the round and championship win at Queensland Raceway
The number 1 plate he worked so hard for

Cru Halliday Wins 1000cc Superstock Championship at ASBK

23 Aug 2010

Yamaha supported rider Cru Halliday capped off a remarkable season winning the 1000cc Superstock C&D championship at the fifth round of the Australian Superbike Championship held at Queensland Raceway over the weekend.

Halliday had been the form rider of the category all year and just needed to continue on with his recent racing form to take the championship. He dominated proceedings in the opening leg on Sunday morning and the victory gave him enough points to secure the championship with two races to spare.

“I just tried to ride the race at a good flow and not over ride the track,” Halliday said from the podium. I was able to do that and get a good break on the rest of the field and not have to push too hard in the final laps.”

“This has been a great championship for me and I need to thank everyone involved who support me. My family and friends, everyone at Yamaha and YRD, and anyone that I have forgotten. I am really happy to win this,” he concluded.

Halliday was able to refocus after the early championship celebrations and put the icing on the cake to win the final two legs to claim the round overall as well as the championship victory.

Fellow Yamaha supported riders of Aaron Morris and Michael Jones claimed second and third overall respectively in the 600cc Superstock division. After a championship long battle with Matthew Walters, the Queensland Raceway event would see the three again go at it and provide some of the best racing of the weekend.

Morris never quite found his mojo all weekend and struggled to get the results he needed while Jones entered the final round behind on points and desperate to make up lost ground. After five hard fought races, Jones took second overall with Morris in third allowing Walters to slip through and snare the round and championship victory.  

Yamaha claimed the manufacturers’ cup in the 600cc class with 1752 points, well clear of its nearest rival on 814.

Superstock 1000cc C and D
Round Results

1st Cru Halliday - Yamaha
2nd Richard Parry - Honda
3rd Derek Pastuszek - Honda
4th Warren Harding - Suzuki
5th Max Jordan - Kawasaki
6th Martin Robinson - Honda
7th Paul Holwell - Honda
8th Jesse Wacker- BMW
9th Jeffery Howard - Yamaha
10th Jason Eacott -

600cc Superstock
Round Results

1st Matthew Walters - Kawasaki
2nd Michael Jones - Yamaha
3rd Aaron Morris - Yamaha
4th Nicholas Waters - Suzuki
5th Ryan Dymond - Yamaha
6th Daniel Youl - Honda
7th Linden Magee - Kawasaki
8th Terry Burns - Yamaha
9th Mark Wilkinson - Kawasaki
10th Nathan Houtermann – Yamaha

1000cc Superstock C and D
Championship Results

1st Cru Halliday
2nd Derek Pastuszuk
3rd Warren Harding
4th Richard Parry
5th  Max Jordan
6th  Matthew Walters
7th  Jesse Wacker
8th  Wayne Hepburn
9th Martin Robinson
10th Johny Arkisian

600cc Superstock
Championship Results

1st Matthew Walters
2nd Aaron Morris
3rd Michael Jones
4th Nicholas Waters
5th Ryan Dymond
6th Jesse Austin
7th Mark Wilkinson
8th Bryce Van Hoof
9th Nathan Houtermann
10th Terry Burns


Keith Muir
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