Michael Driscoll

Driscoll Dominates at Port Mac MX

15 Aug 2016

New South Wales Yamaha Junior Racing rider, Michael Driscoll, turned in a near wheel perfect performance at round four of the New South Wales Junior Motocross Championships held at Port Macquarie to take five wins from six starts and stamp his authority on the weekend.

Day one on Saturday saw Driscoll on board his YZ125 competing in the 15 years division and up against some good opposition. He and Jy Roberts put on some great racing with Driscoll taking the round win with 1-1-1 results. He didn’t have it all his own way with average starts Driscoll had to work hard and had to make quick passes to move up to front pack and challenge Roberts. Mick’s relentless pressure finally cracked Guy on the second last lap to take the win.

Moto’s two and three saw Driscoll with top five starts and with quick aggressive passes he was able to take the lead by the second lap and ride to victory.

Sunday and it was time to bring out the YZ250F to race in the 15 years 250cc class. This time, Driscoll couldn’t quite match the perfect day he had on Saturday but still managed to take the round win with 1-1-2 results.

“It was a great weekend and the club did an awesome job,” Driscoll said. “The track was good all weekend and I had some fun racing Jy all weekend.

“My injuries at the start of the year slowed me a little but I feel like I’m back on track and riding well again.

“Thank you to Darren Thompson from Yamaha for coming out and helping this weekend and the effort he has put into my bikes over the last couple of weeks,” Driscoll ends.

NSW YJR team mate, Bailey Clancy is still sidelined with injury and unable to compete at the Port Macquarie event.

NSW MX Championships – Round 3
15 years 125cc
1st Michael Driscoll (NSW YJR)

2nd Jy Roberts
3rd Jack Cobbin

15 years 250cc
1st Michael Driscoll (NSW YJR)

2nd Jy Roberts
3rd Alex Watt

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