Dimity Duke on her way to Vvictory at round two of the WA enduro champs

Duke still on top In WA

18 Jul 2012

Wellard/CLAAS/Yamaha rider Dimity Duke maintained her lead in West Australian Women’s Enduro Championship after the second round was held in the South west town of Capel, WA, three hours south of Perth.

Duke piloted her YZ250F through the 220 kilometre course negotiating the varied terrain including loamy sand sections, pine forests and the famous W.A. pea gravel. With light rain during the week and sun forecast on the day she was met with perfect conditions and hoped to continue her good form and extend her lead in the title chase.    

Like all roads to victory some adversity needs to be overcome and this day would test Duke’s resolve.

“All was going to plan until 45 mins into the first trail section when I started to cramp in my lower leg. Thinking that I could fix the problem by taking in more electrolytes prior to the first special test, I suddenly realised that it was a lot worse than first thought,” Duke explained.

“I was pushing myself a lot harder than normal to lift the intensity, but the cramps became more noticeable and I was even getting them in my hands, which isn’t the best feeling when you’re trying to twist the throttle and dodge trees.

“I ended up getting stuck in a small rock garden losing about 90 seconds in the last test which was frustrating. Eventually I was able to take the opportunity to refuel my body and get the symptoms under control. I put my mistake behind me with the intent of getting back some of the lost time in the next few tests.

“I had my cramping issue sort of under control but knew it was going to return every time I pushed hard so I focused on fluid and electrolyte intake for the rest of the day and was able to have a 10-15 minute rest at one of the remote controls. While there I made sure I got some solid food into me as I knew coming back to the Parc Ferme the trail time was very tight and may leave me with little chance later.

“My second and third special tests were a lot better and I was able to gain some time back but not enough to secure first place in the women’s class for the day. I lost time today and almost lost my lead through a silly mistake but that won’t happen again,” a disappointed Duke lamented.

“As an industrial paramedic, I know Dimity was disappointed at not recognising the signs her body was lacking today. She runs marathons when she is not racing and is usually right on top of her nutritional needs but this one caught her out. I know she will work hard next event to make up for this one,” explained Team Manager Peter Strickland.  

Dimity would like to thank her supporters Wellard, CLAAS, Yamaha, Bridgestone AXO, Shark, PivotPegz, EKS goggles, GYTR, Yamalube, Unifilter, Blackbird racing, Fox Racing suspension, Pro Art, Crankin Cycles, St Johns, Millard Marine and motorcycles.

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