Izak Maule took out a popular win at round three of the SA MX Champs
Damon Hill made it a SAYJR 1-2 in a good weekend for the team

Everyone Gets a Prize in SAYJR

21 Jul 2011

The South Australian Yamaha Junior Racing Team (SAYJR) trekked to Port Augusta for round three of the state motocross championships this past weekend.

The motocross gods worked wonders with light rain and cold overcast weather the track was in perfect condition and ready for some great racing. The Port Augusta club also trucked in 2,000 tonne of sand to mix in with the generally hard packed track which made for an awesome surface.

With this round also being the home track for brothers Izak and Oscar Maule they were eager to put in big performances to impress the local crowd and both boys didn’t disappoint.Izak took out the Junior 125cc class and Oscar claiming his best result of the year rounding out the podium in the 9-12 years 85cc class.

Izak has been working extra hard of late to close the gap to the front runners of the 125cc class. With the home track advantage he wanted to stamp his mark in the series and show he means business. His first moto seen him charging hard at the beginning of the race and up to second until a small crash which dropped him back in the field, he regrouped and charged his YZ144 back for a solid third placing by the end of the moto.

The next three motos would be a lot different with the young charger taking the holeshots and leading every lap on offer so Izak’s 3-1-1-1 results would see him taking the overall round win and elevate him into second in the championship points. Izak really showed his hard work and effort is paying off and his riding has gone from strength to strength.

“I am so happy to win the overall. I didn’t think I would be able to win a round this year as I am the youngest in the class, but it feels cool. My bike ran awesome and I managed to hold Damo off in a couple races which was great,” said a very happy Izak.

Damon Hill got off to a flying start winning the opening moto’s on both his YZ250F and YZ144, he pushed hard for the remainder of the weekend trying to replicate his moto one performances but just felt short.

One thing that has always been Damo’s down fall is the first few motos of the race, he likes to ease into the race and charge hard to the finish line, but with the competition being close this year any head start is costly. Contesting both144 and 250F classes, Damo would card 1-2-2-2 results for second overall in both divisions.

He will be working his hardest on pushing through those first few laps in order to fix the little problem he has. But for SAYJR it was a 1-2 finish in the 13-U16Years 100-150cc class which was very nice to see.

“I am a little frustrated with how I’m going right now. I am really going to start putting in extra to take some overall wins on my YZ250F as I know I can do it. My bikes have been running awesome so the rest is just up to me and next round will be different,” exclaimed Hill.

Just like his older brother, Oscar also had the home track advantage and nearly back up to full speed after his broken arm earlier in the year. Having been working hard on his starts Oscar got four top three starts for the weekend which was a first in his short career. Having got those good starts he then had to put it to good use and he did just that. Oscar scored 3-3-3-3 moto finishes to also take out third overall for the weekends racing. He really got to mix it up with the two guys in front as well which was great for the young charger as it has given him more confidence which he will now carry into the final round.

"I felt good coming into this race. I’ve been practicing my starts and that showed today. I am pumped with the podium, I just can’t wait for the next round to see if I can do even better”, commented Oscar after racing.

Team Manager Shane Metcalfe was out to try and make up for the points he lost at Murray Bridge. He pushed hard all weekend long to take 3-2-2-2 moto results to grab second overall for the round and also jumped from fifth to second in the points standings.

“To be honest Port Augusta is not one of my favourite tracks but this weekend the club has put on a great event. The work they have done with the track really made it a lot more fun to race on. I was looking to make some points back on my competitors which I did but I really want to win a round this year so it looks like I have one more chance to do so.”

“I might have to do some fitness training in order to do so as Riley is just too fit for me at the moment. I feel my speed is ok but I just need to last three laps of the moto a bit stronger. The last round is at Gilman which is one of my favourite tracks, we will have to wait and see what happens," said Metcalfe about the weekend.

SAYJR’s next race will be Round 4 of the SA Titles held at Gilman on the 17th 18th of September.

Overall Results – Port Augusta
Junior Lites 250F
1st Kurt Waterman – Honda – SA
2nd Damon Hill – Yamaha - SA
3rd Jordan Noles - Honda – SA

Junior Lites 125cc
1st Izak Maule – Yamaha - SA
2nd Damon Hill - Yamaha - SA
3rd Aaron Hart - Suzuki – SA

9-U12 Years 85cc/150F
1st Jock Manser – Kawasaki - SA
2nd Jed Polomka – KTM - SA
3rd Oscar Maule - Yamaha – SA

Senior Opens
1st Riley Graham - Kawasaki
2nd Shane Metcalfe - Yamaha
3rd Steve Pontin - Honda

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