Ford Dale sits in seventh place overall with one round remaining

Falls Prove Costly for Serco Yamaha

29 Nov 2010

The Serco Yamaha team of Ford Dale and Adam Monea had a frustrating night of racing at round six of the Monster Energy Super X Championship at Parramatta Stadium on Saturday Night.

For the first time the Pro Lites class contested the Elimination format that saw the field start off with 22 riders and compete across four, six lap legs. At the end of each leg, the last five riders are eliminated until the final five riders line up in the last race of the class. It is an intense and cut throat format that teams and riders find extremely difficult.

Both Serco riders qualified easily for the top 22 and comfortably down to the top 15. In final two, Adam Monea was looking good for a top 10 position and in a qualify spot but fell off mid race and could only scramble back to 12th place and therefore missing out on a birth in the remaining two elimination races. He was declared 12th overall for the night in his first guest ride for the official Yamaha Lites team.

Ford Dale made it into the top 10 and was also well on the way to the five rider final as he was in fourth place in race three but fell off during the second last lap and dropped back to eighth, missing out on making the final.

Team Owner of Serco Yamaha, Gavin Eales was clearly disappointed in his teams’ performance as both riders were well in contention for a top result, only to throw it away.

“Both guys were looking good and in comfortable positions to qualify down but fell off by themselves from not keeping their mind on the job. Racing incidents happen, but both riders are experienced and old enough to not make those mistakes.”

“Both of them were shattered after the race back at the truck, so I hope that fuels them for a good result in the final round,” Eales comments.

Serco Yamaha move onto the final round of the Super X Championship in Brisbane. The team is looking for a huge performance from the riders in what is the only home town event on the calendar for the Brisbane based team.

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Round Six Results- Parramatta
Pro Lites

1st Matt Moss
2nd Lawson Bopping
3rd Josh Cachia
4th Cody Mackie
5th PJ Larsen
6th Joel Roelants
7th Robbie Marshall
8th Ford Dale
9th Kade Mosig
10th Kieran Hall
11th Luke Styke
12th Adam Monea
13th Sam Duncanson
14th Errol Willis
15th Luke Arbon

Championship Standing – After Round Six
 1. Matt MOSS - Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki: 273
2. P J LARSEN - JDR Motorex KTM: 268
3. Ryan MARMONT - JDR Motorex KTM: 203
4. Cody MACKIE - Kawasaki Racing Team Cool Air Conditioning: 190
5. Lawson BOPPING - Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki: 164
6. Steven CLARKE - Raceline Pirelli Suzuki: 156
7. Ford DALE – Serco Yamaha: 146
8. Josh CACHIA – Coastal KTM MX Rad: 145
9. Robbie MARSHALL – Yamaha: 131
10. Luke STYKE – GTYR Rockstar Yamaha: 129

Jeff Crow/ Sport Library
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