Hopkins-Talty duking it out at the front of the 250cc race
Cody Dyce on the gas
Wade Kirkland

Fighting Performance from VIC - YJR

17 May 2012

Vic-YJR (Yamaha Junior Racing) team of Cody Dyce, Matt Hopkins-Talty and Wade Kirkland travelled to Broadford Motocross complex for round two of Victorian Junior Motocross championship last weekend.

After some strong rides at the opening round, the boys were keen to get a reward for their hardwork they have done between rounds. Saturdays racing was greeted with a perfectly prepared track with Matt and Wade keen to wave the Yamaha flag.

Once again with Wade on his YZ85 had strong rides in all three races but bad starts really held him back. He was outside the top 10 in each of the three motos exiting the first turn but ride through the field strongly to come back for 7-6-5 results for fifth overall. With some decent starts, Wade could be a real threat for podium and race wins.

Matt Hopkins Talty has been working hard between the first and second round and showing massive improvements with his results and confidence in his riding. Matt has had some great race wins in the races between rounds and was super keen to show how far he has come on his home track.

In the first race in the 125-150 2ST class he battled hard after a poor start to finish 10th. Race two had Matt having started 15th and rode very strong to show great speed to finish in fifth and show the speed to battle for a race win. Race three had Matt start much better and he quickly moved into third where he stayed to the finish.

Matt was happy with fourth for the day but left to ponder what might have been with better starts!

Sunday came around with a track still in great shape with Matt racing in the 250 class and Cody Dyce on his small wheeled YZ85.

After winning round one and winning previous all race meetings between rounds Cody was super keen to show he meant business. Race one had Cody get a great start running in 2nd and looking for a way into the lead Cody came in contact with the leader and went down. He remounted and salvaged a fourth place finish. Race two saw Cody with another great start and he quickly moved into the lead. He and Callum Norton engaged in a race long battle with Norton coming out on top in a close finish with Cody second. Race three saw Cody have a rough race with him running off the track and also a small fall but still able to finish fourth and take fourth overall for the day.

Matt's Sunday started with a poor start outside top 10 to a fourth place finish with second being only a few seconds away. Matt's second race saw him in dead last after the second corner to battle back to fourth again showing great speed. The last race had him start 15th to race all the way back to third and nearly two seconds faster per lap than anyone else. Matt finished in second  for the day.

Team manager Cameron Taylor said, “It's easy to see how our results could be greatly improved with some work on the boys’ starts, so we will set out a plan to do just that. I was really impressed by all three guys and how hard they battled all the way to the checkers.”

The series is now at the half way point with two rounds remaining.

Round Two Results
125 A Grade

1st Jesse McNally
2nd Nathan Denny
3rd Tyler Driscoll
4th Matthew Hopkins- Talty

85cc Big Wheel A Grade
1st Jesse McNally

2nd Elias Dukes
3rd Jake Salems
4th Jonte Reyndes
5th Wade Kirkland

250cc A Grade
1st Jeremy Tyndall
2nd Matthew Hopkins – Talty
3rd Nathan Denny

85cc Small Wheel A Grade
1st Callum Norton
2nd Taj Marshall
3rd Riley Dukes
4th Cody Dyce

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