Ross Beaton(R) and Harley Quinlan (L) finish second and third respectively in the Under 19 class at the MX Nationals

GYTR Rockstar Yamaha Claim Two Thirds of MX National Under 19 Podium

26 Jul 2010

The GYTR Rockstar Yamaha team made up two thirds of the Under 19 championship podium taking second and third overall after the final round of the MX Nationals held on the weekend.

Ross Beaton nailed down second in the championship in his best result to date while Harley Quinlan came from the clouds to take third overall after a strong showing at the final two rounds at Coolum.

Beaton came into the final weekend just 11 points shy of the championship leader and looking to pile the pressure on. Unfortunately for Beaton, he was involved in crashes in the first two races and the championship aspirations suddenly became a distant dream.

He battled on bravely never giving up but just didn’t find his mojo on the weekend, but to his credit the huge points buffer he built up throughout the championship meant second place was never in jeopardy.

“I gave it my all but just couldn’t get it done. While I’m disappointed with second, I raced my hardest all year and I have to give credit to Josh as he stayed strong and consistent at every round.”

“But I did learn a lot from the weekend about how to go about winning a championship and when it presents itself again, I’m sure I will be better equipped to handle the situation,” Beaton says thoughtfully.

Harley Quinlan was on a mission at Coolum and finished second after Saturdays events and then returned on Sunday to dominate two out of the three races and take the round overall win. The huge haul of points saw him rocket clear of fourth place and secure a podium spot in the championship.

His third overall is all the more impressive as he missed the opening round and a possible 75 points due to a wrist injury and then raced round two with his arm just out of plaster.

“When I hurt my wrist, my goal was to get back to full fitness and get back into the top three in the championship. I managed to do both of those things so I’m pretty happy with how things have turned out.”

“The GYTR Rockstar Yamaha team has again done a great job and the time these guys put into us and our bikes is appreciated by all the riders. Thomo, Cory and Nathan are the first at the track and the last to leave and always ensure our bikes are good,” Quinlan said.

Shaun Redhead rounded the Under 19 championship out in 12th place after missing a round due to injury. But he finished on a strong note at Coolum racing right at the front of the pack and took a fifth overall for the round.

Luke Styke made a solid start to his professional career in the Pro Lites division taking eighth overall in the championship. Styke carried a shoulder and thumb injury into the round but toughed it out to ensure he maintained his top 10 position in the championship standings.

Final Championship Standings-  Under 19
1st Josh Cachia – 540 (KTM)
2nd Ross Beaton – 483 (Yamaha)
3rd Harley Quinlan – 450 (Yamaha
4th Dylan Peterson – 414 (Honda)
5th Matthew Phillips – 363 (Honda)
6th John Phillips – 303 (Honda)
7th Kieran Leigh – 302 (Yamaha)
8th Cameron Dillon – 287 (Honda)
9th Ethan Martens – 261 (KTM)
10th Errol Willis – 247 (Suzuki)
11th Luke Arbon – 231 (Kawasaki)
12th Shaun Redhead – 213 (Yamaha)

Pro Lites
1st PJ Larsen – 535 (KTM)
2nd Kirk Gibbs – 470 (Yamaha)
3rd Ford Dale – 413 (Yamaha)
4th Ryan Marmont – 387 (KTM)
5th Lawson Bopping – 380 (Suzuki)
6th Cody Mackie – 332 (Kawasaki)
7th Michael Phillips – 296 (Honda)
8th Luke Styke – 291 (Yamaha)
9th Kade Mosig – 289 (Suzuki)
10th Luke George – 258 (Kawasaki)

Daniel McKenzie
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