Luke Arbon inches closer to the points lead after round six
Redhead gutted out a tough day to finish fifth and remain third in the championship

GYTR Rockstar Yamaha Grind Out a Challenging Day

20 Jun 2011

Despite facing some challenges throughout the day, the GYTR Rockstar Yamaha duo of Luke Arbon and Shaun Redhead turned in some gutsy rides at round six of the Rockstar MX Nationals at Coonabarabran to keep their championship hopes alive.

Competing in the Under 19 class, Arbon and Redhead took second and fifth respectively, but it was the manner in which the raced that impressed, as both riders bounced back from adversity to post respectable finishes.

Coming into round six, Arbon was 51 points away from the championship lead in second place. He leaves Coonabarabran with that margin cut back to 38 points after finishing second for the round on the back of 12-1-7-2 finishes.

The gap could have been even smaller had Arbon not hit a tyre that had rolled onto the track in moto one, causing the gear lever to wrap around the footpeg and leave the bike stuck in third gear. Arbon was inside the top two when the incident occurred. He managed the damage admirably as the fast and flowing Goanna Tracks circuit is high speed and being stranded in third gear is not the ideal situation.

The team quickly made the change of levers between the motos and Arbon roared back into contention with a wire to wire moto win.

“It was a ‘what if’ day for me,” Arbon said. “If I had a good finish in moto one I would have won the day and closed the points’ gap more. But, I am happy with the way I raced today and I am chipping away at the points lead. I just need to keep putting the pressure on and competing at my best for the next three rounds,” He finishes.

In the third lap of practice, Shaun Redhead took a huge dive from his bike and hit the dirt hard. Dazed, winded and sore, he took a while to get to his feet before circulating a couple more times and then pulling off. It looked like the day was over for him before it even started.

After a trip to the RaceSafe Medical  team, even as late as 15 minutes prior to the opening moto, Redhead was undecided if he would compete or not. He used the sighting lap to decide if he was able to ride and decided he would give it ago to gain a few points.

He motored his way to 4-4-16-4 finishes to score an outstanding fifth for the day. It was a huge effort for the Brisbane teenage and had it not been for a pile up in moto three, he may well have landed on the podium.

Redhead’s charges down the massive downhill were impressive and as fast as committed as any rider over the weekend despite the obvious pain he was in.

“I have to thank the RaceSafe guys for my results today. They worked hard to get me back on the track and feeling like I could even ride.”

“I’m sure I’m going to be feeling stiff and sore in the morning, but I am proud of the effort I put in today and while fifth doesn’t look to flash on paper, it was exactly what I needed to do to remain in third place in the championship,” Redhead explains.

The team now regroups for round seven of the championship to be held at Albury in a two weeks time.

Round Six Results – Coonabarabran
Under 19





1st Jay Wilson




2nd Luke Arbon




3rd Dylan Peterson




4th Jacob Wright




5th Shaun Redhead




Championship Standings- After Round Six
1st Errol Willis - 464
2nd Luke Arbon - 426
rd Shaun Redhead - 366
4th Dylan Peterson - 338
5th Jake Emanuelli - 296
6th Kyle McKeddie - 286
7th Jay Wilson - 285
8th Kale Makeham - 215
9th Dan Banks - 182
10th Ben George- 173  

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