The view Redhead gave his competitors in the opening two motos
Luke Arbon was in top form and only a fall in race four stopped a team 1-2
Steve Sweeney of Galvin Construction had a great weekend racing with the team he sponsors

GYTR Rockstar Yamaha In Barnstorming Finish to MX Nats

2 Aug 2011

With no hope of winning the 2011 Under 19 MX National championship, the GYTR Rockstar Yamaha duo of Luke Arbon and Shaun Redhead were riding for pride as they contested the final round of the championship over the weekend.

Arbon was secure in second place in the championship with an 84 point gap over his team mate Redhead who held down third but both wanted to finish the season on a high note.

Shaun Redhead then unleashed a two moto show of force that was unstoppable. He motored to the front of races one and two and never looked back. He ran away from the field with the only rider to keep him in sight was Arbon. The pair closed out the opening two motos of the day in 1-2 formation with Redhead taking the race wins.

The afternoon session proved more challenging as Redhead went down in the first lap and was left at the back of the field. He then charged back through the field to pass 25 riders in under six laps to be credited with 14th place and keep his round victory hopes alive. He finished moto four in second place and amassed 79 points, enough to secure his first round win at a professional level.

“I am stoked to win today, Redhead offered excitedly. “ I had such a bad race last weekend at Moree that I wanted to come out here today and set things right and I am pumped I was able to do it.”

“To win the day and finish the championship off in third place is a good way to end the championship and it’s been one of my most consistent years in a while,” Redhead finishes.

After race three it looked as though Arbon was a shoe in for the round win as he took a second place finish and just needed a top 10 finish in the fourth and final leg to take another round win. But in the opening lap, Arbon was hit from behind and sent flying from his bike. He picked up a distant last and managed to salvage 18th place and those two points saw him land in third place for the round.

“I wanted to win today and I’m not happy that I didn’t. I was just riding through one of the turns when I got hit and spun around and by the time I got up and going again the field was already a long way down the track.”

“Second in the championship isn't quite what I was after, but it is my best finish in the championship and now I can’t wait to get supercross started.”

Also having a ride with the GYTR Rockstar Yamaha team on the weekend was a major team sponsor and director of Galvin Construction, Steve Sweeney. Sweeney, who is based in Victoria and a motocross enthusiast, took the time out of his hectic business life to race with the team he helped create and had a great weekend contesting the 40 years and over Vet class.

“What a fantastic weekend, although I know I will be sore for the next few days,” Sweeney said. "The track was tough and challenging to ride, yet I had a great time out there and I’m so glad I did it as I have been trying to get here for the past few years.”

“I am also so proud of the team and the atmosphere they provide for the riders. To be here on the day they finished 1 and 3 for the round and 2 and 3 for the championship is something special.”

Round Results – Coolum
Under 19





1st Shaun Redhead




2nd Jake Emmanuelli




3rd Luke Arbon




4th Jacob Wright




5th Errol Willis




1 Errol Willis 719 Points
2 Luke Arbon 619 Points
3 Shaun Redhead 545 Points

4 Dylan Peterson 466 Points
5 Jake Emanuelli 452 Points
6 Jay Wilson 438 Points
7 Kyle McKeddie 401 Points
8 Sam Martin 359 Points
9 Kale Makeham 311 Points
10 Dylan Long 306 Points

Daniel McKenzie
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