Jordan Bissaker flying high before the wet set in

NSW-YJR Slug It Out in Mudfest

16 Jun 2011

The NSW YJR Trio of Jordan Bissaker, Mackenzie Tricker and Brendon Walther slogged it out in extreme conditions at the second round of the NSW State Motocross Championships, held at Maitland a few hours drive north of Sydney.

Once again they showed their determination to fight hard on what was at some stages a barely rideable track. The three day event started with just some light showers which the well prepped track handled no problems at all, but by Saturday afternoon the skies opened up and conditions rapidly deteriorated throughout the remaining races.

Jordan Bissaker caught fire in the tough conditions, fighting for holeshots and riding smart on the ever-changing track. He managed an almost perfect weekend in the 15yrs 125cc class with 1-1-2 moto finishes, giving him the overall win on his YZ 125. Jordan went into the final moto on his YZ 250F equal leader on points, but it didn’t go to plan and a few crashes left him down the field. This left him with third place for the weekend in the 15yrs 250cc.

“Those last two races were probably the hardest of my life! The mud was so tacky the bike got so heavy I could hardly hold it up in places. I’m a bit bummed on the last 250 race but that happens in these conditions. Otherwise it was a great weekend and I’m glad I could get a win for my sponsors and for Dad who couldn’t be here.”

Mackenzie Tricker dug deep in all of her races piloting her YZ250F to solid top 10 finishes in all three motos. Despite a few crashes and even having to ditch her gloves in one race Mackenzie battled to the finish on a track where many racers returned to the pits or didn’t even line up.

“I don’t think I’ve ridden in conditions that bad before, definitely not worse than that anyway. The bike was so heavy and you can’t see properly, it makes just getting around the track hard. One little crash and your gloves and handlebars end up covered in mud and it’s like trying to hold onto a bar of soap. I’m glad I finished with some top 10 results and hopefully the next round will be dry!”

Brendon Walther had a rollercoaster weekend on his YZ 85, mixed with good results and big crashes. He pushed through and although a bit stiff and sore managed a second place finish in moto two but a start line crash in the last race saw him finish mid pack. He left Maitland battered and bruised but in one piece and looking forward to the final round.

“I was pretty sore after my crash in the heat race then to have another big one in the first final wasn’t good. I was winded worse than I’ve ever been and by the time I could breathe again I was a few laps down. Finishing second in final two was good but another crash off the start messed up my last race.”

The third and final round of the NSW State Motocross Championships will be held at Nowra on the 8th,9th and 10th of July.

NSW Yamaha Junior Racing would like to thank the following supporters:
Yamaha Australia, Fox, Motul, Oakley, Pirelli, GYT-R, JT Sprockets, RK Chains, Y-AIM and Tee’n’Cee Grafix

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