Nathan Crawford landed the perfect weekend winning all six motos at Hervey Bay
Wilson Todd on the gas at Hervey Bay

QLD YJR In Full Stride at Hervey Bay

22 Apr 2013

The Queensland Yamaha Junior Racing team clicked into top gear at round three of the Sunshine State Series at Hervey Bay with a dominating performance from both riders on the rough and rugged sand track.

Both Nathan Crawford and Wilson Todd entered the round determined to improve on the previous round of racing at Toowoomba with the riders putting in a huge effort between the two events. In the nine races entered, the QLD- YJR team won all nine.

Crawford came out all guns blazing and won all six races entered for the day. He clean swept the 15 years 250cc class with three moto wins signified by great starts and impressive lap speed. He backed that up with three hard fought wins on his YZ125 in the 13-15years 125cc class.

It was no doubt a career best day for Crawford and his steep learning curve continues to climb. He won races from the front, passed his way forward when required and had the fitness and strength to do it all day long.

“I’m pretty stoked about my day,” a tired Crawford said at the end of the day. “I have never won every `race in a day at a Shell Series round before so, I’m really happy with how it turned out.

“I wasn’t happy with the way I raced at Toowoomba although the results were ok, I thought I could race better and myself, my Dad and the team worked hard between the rounds and results today are an awesome reward.”

Wilson Todd continues to grow in statue as a racer and while still slight of frame, the north Queenslander is an animal on the bike. He won all three of his races in the 13-14 years 250cc on board his YZ250F and waged a great battle with team mate Crawford in the 125 division. Both riders banged bars to the final lap of the final moto in a great display of racing and the undoubted performance of the YZ125.

“Today was the first time I have raced a 250cc four stroke in sand,” Wilson starts. “It’s a bit different to racing a two stroke but it handled really well and the extra power is so good in the corners.

“Battling Nato was great fun. I could hear him all over me during the last two motos and I made some mistakes that allowed him past. Next round I reckon I might have to give him a whippin’” Todd laughs.

Round four of the series heads for Leyburn Park, between Warwick and Toowoomba in four weeks’ time. The QLD YJR boys will be out for a repeat performance on a track that has a similar racing surface to the Hervey Bay track.

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Sunshine State Series
round 3- Hervey Bay
15 years 250cc
1st Nathan Crawford – 75 (Yamaha)
2nd Braden Collins – 57 (KTM)
3rd Zak Small – 48 (Honda)

13 -14 years 250cc
1st Wilson Todd – 75 (Yamaha)
2nd Reece Rayner – 49 (KTM)
3rd Anthony Regina – 49

13-15 years 125cc
1st Nathan Crawford – 75 (Yamaha)
2nd Wilson Todd – 62 (Yamaha)
3rd Braden Collins – 58 (KTM)

Series Points – After Round Two
15 years 250cc
1st Nathan Crawford – 147
2nd Braden Collins – 115
3rd Blake Colleton – 114

13- 14 years 250cc
1st Wilson Todd – 144
2nd Reece Raynor – 101
3rd Bradley Polsoni – 100

13-15 years 125cc
1st Nathan Crawford – 136
2nd Wilson Todd – 134
3rd Braden Collins – 112

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