Hunter Lawrence adds another two QLD MX Championships to his resume
Levi Rogers landed in second place on his YZ85

QLD YJR Rack Up More State Championships

28 Jun 2015

Queensland Yamaha Junior Racing racked up two more Queensland Motocross Championships victories and a second place after the final round of the championship was completed at Tivoli Raceway, over the weekend.

The two day event saw Queensland’s best riders duke it out for the state championship and Yamaha riders prominent in the results across all major classes.

Hunter Lawrence was again the star of the show, taking the win in both the 13-15 years 125cc and also the 15 years 250cc. Lawrence took the double, winning the round as well as the championship and went undefeated in championship on both bikes.

With the World Junior Motocross Championship looming in July, Lawrence was in full stride all weekend and trying to put the finishing touches on his preparations for the event in Spain on a track that will be similar to what he experienced at Tivoli.

“I spent the last two weeks in New Zealand working with Josh Coppins so it was good to put some of the things we worked on in a race situation.

“My starts were pretty good all weekend, which will be important in Spain and I felt my speed was good on a track that offered some tricky ruts and jumps.

“Thank you to the Yamaha Junior Racing and all our team sponsors for the effort and energy they put into my racing as well as my family who devote so much time to motocross for me,” Lawrence said sincerely.

Levi Rogers also chipped in on the podium action, finishing the day second overall in the 9-11 years 85cc class and in the same position for the championship. Rogers rode well all weekend as he put in fast laps and was aggressive with his attack on the track.

Rogers finished second in all three motos contested during the weekend but continues to show huge improvement every time he hits the track.

“I really like the Tivoli track and have always done pretty well when I have raced here,” Levi explains. “My starts were better today so that was cool and I didn’t make too many mistakes on the track and no crashes, so that’s good.

“Finishing second in a state championship is good and I’m happy with how I went. Thanks to our team and our sponsors for the awesome support,” Rogers ends.

Yamaha riders also excelled in other junior classes, with Jake Williams taking the win in the 13-14 years 250cc class on his YZ250F. Reece Rayner grabbed a podium position on his YZ125 while Wilson Norman took second on his YZ250F in the 15 years class as well.

In the senior divisions, Luke Weaver claimed second in the Pro Open championship on his YZ450F just ahead of fellow Yamaha rider, Darcy Jones in third, while Wade Hunter finished second in the Pro lites class.

Round two Results / QLD MX Champs
Tivoli Raceway
15years 250cc
1st Hunter Lawrence (YJR)

2nd Reece Rayner
3rd Wilson Norman

13-15 years 125cc
1st Hunter Lawrence (YJR)

2nd Reece Rayner
3rd Luke Walmsley

9-11 years 85cc
1st Jett Lawrence
2nd Levi Rogers (YJR)
3rd Deegan Mancinelli

Final Championship Standings
15 years 250cc
1st Hunter Lawrence – 175 (Yamaha YZ250F)

2nd Wilson Norman – 148 (Yamaha YZ250F)
3rd Mitch Johnstone – 143

13-15years 125cc
1st Hunter Lawrence – 175 (Yamaha YZ125)

2nd Reece Rayner – 144 (Yamaha YZ125)
3rd Billy Harth – 137

9-11years 85cc
1st Jett Lawrence -172
2nd Levi Rogers – 156 (Yamaha YZ85)
3rd Deegan Mancinelli -137

Pro Lites
1st Nathan Crawford – 168
2nd Wade Hunter – 155 (Yamaha YZ250F)
3rd Nicholas Sutherlund - 127

Pro Open
1st Richard Evans – 160
2nd Luke Weaver – 148 (Yamaha YZ450F)
3rd Darcy Jones – 140 (Yamaha YZ450F)


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