Kyle Webster now sidelined after breaking his collarbone
Liam Whisler breaks through for his first moto win in pro racing

Riding the Waves of WA Sand

29 Jul 2015

After rescheduling the Lightweight State Championship round last month due to severe weather conditions it seemed like the Wellard/BRM/Yamaha senior team had not raced for an eternity.

The Beverly Motorcycle Club hosted what would have been round four of the series. Never before has there been a Senior Championship held there so no rider had an advantage coming into the meeting. A fast flowing, hard-pack circuit two hours east of Perth, the event would see the fortunes of the team dramatically change in quick succession.

Kyle Webster (Cully’s Yamaha) had clawed his way back to third in the MX1 division after the issues in round one and was looking forward to closing the gap on his title defense. After posting the quickest lap time in qualifying, Webster was on target to do exactly that.

With a massive holeshot in moto one, he set about breaking away from the field to try and control the race. This is where his fortunes would change as he shortly would become victim of some very tardy use of the yellow caution flag.

A couple of laps in and after a 180 degree turn Webster launched off a single jump missing the yellow flag indicating a fallen rider on the other side. He landed squarely on the riders’ bike and was thrown heavily to the ground breaking his collar bone.

In obvious pain and speaking from the medical room afterwards he tried to recall the events as they unfolded indicating that with a jump so close after the turn the flag marshal should have been more animated with the flag warning him of the fallen rider. He will have his collar bone plated, however a return date at this point is unclear.

Liam Whisler (Mandurah City Yamaha) then became the teams’ sole rider and the rookie took up the challenge. Whisler took a leaf from his team-mates book and holeshot the second sprint race moto holding off some intense pressure from the more experienced riders behind him to take his first MX1 win.

“That was for our new sponsor, ‘Power On Cabling,’ who are here today,” Whisler commented. “After Kyle was hurt I really wanted to show everyone our team has some depth. I like concrete start gates and got away well managing to make a little gap on the field as they were battling for position behind me.

“In the closing stages of the race I knew Dean Porter was right behind me so I rode tight lines trying not to make any mistakes. When I crossed the finish line I was super excited and proved I can run with the top riders here in W.A,” he finished with.

“Today was a real roller coaster and we said goodbye to our number one plate defense after Kyle’s incident. Flaggies possibly need to understand that they have to be in more control when incidents occur as riders safety is paramount. I know they are all volunteers and they do their best but situations like this are very frustrating and we never want to see a rider hurt like in this situation,” team manager, Peter Strickland said.

“Liam really stepped up today and I think this will provide him a good building block for the future. He rode really smart and was under extreme pressure especially in moto two. To cap it off by tying for third outright on the day was a big statement that he is getting more comfortable and will be in the mix more often.” 


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