Matt Fabry takes the round win on his home track at Byford
Liam Whisler put in another strong performance

WA YJR In Podium Blitz at Byford

23 Aug 2012

The Wellard/CLAAS/Yamaha junior racing team was at the Lightweight Motorcycle Club Byford for the penultimate round of the West Australian Motocross Championships over the weekend.

The hard pack circuit in the foot hills south east of Perth is home for both team riders Mat Fabry and Liam Whisler so their expectations were high.

With fine weather on the cards and a decision by the club to not rip the circuit during the week the water cart was busy keeping the dust down on the day while the track held up pretty well forming some good ruts.

YZ85 rider Mat Fabry (Five Star Yamaha) was at home on the hard pack terrain, he managed to pull off a solid win in the first moto. A poor start in the second moto meant he had to move thru the field quickly to begin battling for a place in the top three where by the chequers he had managed a second.

With a massive Holeshot in the final Moto Mat settled into a good rhythm and with his YZ on full noise he took the race win along with the overall on the day. This result saw Mat move into the Championship lead also.

"The track had some good ruts out there today. There’s nothing better than a win especially today as all my friends from school were here today!" said a very happy Mat.

Team mate Liam Whisler (Mandurah City Yamaha) on board his YZ 125 grabbed the Holeshot in the first moto and broke away with an early lead only to be hunted down by series leader relegating him back to second by the chequers.

Moto two was another good start but a couple of corners in he missed the rut and had the front end slide out. Though he quickly remounted most of the pack had passed, but he talented Serpentine youngster rode hard and clawed his way back to third by race end. A third place finish in the last Moto gave him an overall podium for the day.

"With this being a favourite track of mine and one I grew up on I was happy to podium. My YZ125 came out of the gate well and handled the conditions great. I really enjoyed today a lot especially as I was only beaten by bigger capacity bikes," added Whisler.

“Today’s racing was fantastic with Mat moving into the Championship lead and Liam making the podium again. If not for his unfortunate luck at Chidlow in round three he would have been fighting for a title also.”

“The final round is in three weeks at Wanneroo, which like the senior track, has the toughest sand conditions in the country so we will have to wait to see what the boys can produce. But I know they will do well,” Team Manager Peter Strickland went on to say about his riders prospects for the last round.

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