Wilson Todd now leads the MXD Championship after round two
Hunter Lawrence dominated the Rookies Cup

Wilson Todd Races to Victory

14 Apr 2015

GYTR Yamaha’s Wilson Todd has battled through an eventful off season to win round two of the MX Nationals, in the MXD division, after racing was completed over the weekend.

On a tough, rutted and challenging track, the 17 year old Yamaha racer finished the day with 3-1 results to claim the round win, his first of the season, and move into the championship lead after two rounds.

Todd secured fourth at the opening round in a gritty performance has he recovered from injuries and with the two week break between the rounds he was able to regain some fitness and health and entered the Appin event and much better physical state.

It wasn’t all rosy for the Yamaha charger has he found himself laying in the dirt in the second corner of moto one and sitting in 39th place when he collected himself. He got the bike fired up and began to get to work as he picked off riders as quickly as he could. 20 minutes later, Todd crossed the finish line in third place passing a staggering 36 riders on his charge forward.

Moto two was a little less eventful as he got to the front early and battled with Wayde Carter before breaking clear at the midway point and setting off for a comfortable race win.

The round win combined with his fourth at Horsham now gives Todd an 11 point lead in the MXD championship.

“It has been a hectic couple of months so it was good to just be able to get a race win and take the round victory,” Todd said. “I still haven’t been able to do a lot of riding but at least now I’m in a position to be able to ride and train again so I hope to continue to improve from here.

“The track was tough today as the ruts were long and deep. I tried to not over ride them and just be as safe and consistent as I could and that was enough to get the job done.

“A big thank you to the GYTR Yamaha team, my mechanic Cory and the Appin club for doing such a great job on the weekend,” Todd ends.

Team mate Mitch Evans was at the venue on the weekend but unable to race due to a wrist injury sustained at the first round two weeks ago. Evans is hopeful of a return to racing at round three in Broadford.

Yamaha Junior Racing’s Hunter Lawrence showed a clean pair of heels as he won both of the Rookies Cup races contested on the weekend. The Rookies Cup is a support event at the MX Nationals to be ran at rounds 1, 2 and 10.

Lawrence has won the opening two rounds and was particularly impressed on the tricky Appin track.

“I love racing at the MX Nationals and getting a chance to watch a lot of the pro’s race,” Lawrence said. “The track ends up a lot different to what we would get in a junior race so it’s a great experience to be riding on something as technical as the track was today at Appin.

“I have been working with the GYTR Yamaha Team for these two rounds and it’s been great hanging out with the team. I can’t thank them enough for the support, as well as my family who always look after me.”

Yamaha Junior Racing also had Cody Dyce and Brendon Walther in action with Dyce locking don third spot for the round with 3-3 results while Brendon Walther overcame some small falls to finish seventh.

The GYTR Yamaha team will now turn their focus on round three of the MX Nationals at Broadford where they hope to have both Wilson and Mitch in action.

To follow the GYTR Yamaha team on social media: www.facebook.com/GYTRYamaha or on Instagram: @gytr_yamaha_team

Round Two Results – Appin
1st Wilson Todd – 65 (GYTR Yamaha)

2nd Toby Stevens – 58
3rd Connor Tierney – 55
4th Jesse Madden – 54
5th Bailey Coxon – 52
6th Kaleb Barham – 52
7th Ryan Shadbolt – 47
8th Zak Small – 45
9th Jonte Reynders – 42
10th Lachlan Davis – 37

1st Hunter Lawrence – 70 (YJR)

2nd Wade Kirkland – 64
3rd Cody Dyce – 60 (YJR)
4th Cooper Pozniak – 56
5th Hugh McKay – 51
6th Michael Driscoll – 51
7th Brendon Walther – 44 (YJR)
8th Ryan Kenney – 44
9th Mason Semmens – 44
10th Isaac Ferguson - 44

Championship Standings – After Round Two
1st Wilson Todd – 93 (GYTR Yamaha)

2nd Toby Stevens – 82
3rd Connor Tierney – 76
4th Bailey Coxon – 74
5th Jesse Madden -  74
6th Kaleb Barham – 66
7th Jonte Reynders – 65
8th Ryan Shadbolt – 65
9th Wayde Carter – 61
10th Zak Small - 61        

1st Hunter Lawrence – 105 (YJR)

2nd Wade Kirkland – 89
3rd Cooper Pozniak – 86
4th Michael Driscoll – 83
5th Hugh McKay – 75
6th Mason Semmens – 67
7th Ryan Kenney – 66
8th Brendon Walther – 65 (YJR)
9th Cody Dyce – 60 (YJR)

10th Drew Cigliano - 54

Jeff Crow
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