Levi Rogers raced to a round win in the 13-14 years 250cc
Jack Kukas claimed the round win in the 15 years 125cc

Win it or Bin It for QLD GYTR YJR

10 Apr 2017

It was a case of ‘win it or bin it’ for the Queensland GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing duo of Jack Kukas and Levi Rogers at round three of the Airoh Helmets Sunshine State Motocross Series held at the Chinchilla circuit over the weekend.

The pair picked up a class win each but also tasted the Chinchilla dirt too often which cost them dearly when the points were tallied at the end of the day. The boys who six out of the 12 motos contested but need to ensure they keep of the turf to put in a complete day.

Levi Rogers claimed the win in the 13-14 years 250cc division on the back of his 2-1-1 results. After a shaky start in moto one, Rogers got his act together for the final two motos and was able to notch up some race wins and take the win for the day.

Unfortunately things weren’t as smooth on the 125. Levi rounded out the day in fifth place with 14-5-2 results and not the day he was after. He crashed in the opening two motos, both while in podium positions. On the positive side, his speed is good and he isn’t injured so a cool head and some patience while in the heat of the battle is needed to secure his best results.

After three rounds in the series, Levi now sits in second place on his 250cc and third in the 125cc class.

“I’m trying to go as fast as I can and get better each round but I also need to stop crashing,” Rogers explains. “I was probably over riding my 125 a bit in those first two motos- just trying too hard because when I just settled down in the final race, it came pretty easy.

“It was a good day on my 250 and I’m finally getting good starts which makes life so much easier. I had some good battles out there but it’s nice to have another round win and that makes it two wins from the three rounds so far,” Rogers ends.

Team mate Jack Kukas was on track for another sensational day, taking the first two moto wins in each of the 15 years 125 and 15 years 250cc classes making it four on the trot.

But in the final 250cc moto, Kukas got a flat rear tyre while leading the race and tried to push on. But on the hard, dry racing surface, Jack’s rear wheel hit a square edge bump on a jump face the catapulted him from his bike in spectacular fashion. Kukas was sore, his bike bent and as a result was unable to finish the race. His 1-1-DNF left him in seventh for the round.

Despite some skin off and general soreness, Kukas rolled up to the start line for the final 15 years 125 moto. With a win in each of the first two races, he needed nothing more than a top three result to secure another round win. And that’s exactly what he did, taking third place and securing top spot on the day.

“Things were going pretty well until that last 250 race,” Kukas offers. “I think I hit something in the track and I could feel the tyre go flat but I tried to ride around and stay in the top three but just before the table top in the middle of the track, I hit another bump and cause the rear to just slide out from under me and I went flying.

“I’m pretty sore now so I might take a couple of days off and rest up. I got through the last 125 race but it wasn’t much fun. Time to get healthy and be ready for the next round of the MX Nationals in a couple of weeks.”

Round four of the Sunshine State Motocross Series heads to Roma on April 29.

For more a full list of results;  https://speedhive.mylaps.com/en/Events/1374608

Round Three Results – Chinchilla
15 years 125cc

1st Jack Kukas – QLD YJR
2nd Connor McNamara
3rd Jayce Cosford

15 years 250cc
1st Connor McNamara
2nd Joshua Zorbas
3rd Navrin Grothues

5th Jack Kukas – QLD YJR

13-14 years 125cc
1st Noah Ferguson
2nd Jake Cuka
3rd Ryan Gaylor

5th Levi Rogers – QLD YJR

13-14 years 250cc
1st Levi Rogers
2nd Jake Cuka
3rd Jai Walker

Series Points after Three rounds
15 years 125cc
1st Jack Kukas
Yamaha YZ250F
2nd Connor McNamara
3rd Jayce Cosford - Yamaha

15 years 250cc
1st Connor McNamara
2ndJack Kukas – Yamaha YZ125
3rd Navrin Grothues

13-14 years 125cc

1st Noah Ferguson
2nd Ryan Gaylor
3rd Levi Rogers – Yamaha YZ125

13-14 years 250cc
1st Jake Cuka - Yamaha
2nd Levi Rogers – Yamaha YZ250F
3rd Jai Walker - Yamaha

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