Daniel Falzon had a sensational weekend at Darwin
Aaron Morris tooks second for the round and sits second in the championship

Yamaha R6 Stranglehold on ASBK Supersport

16 Sep 2013

Yamaha’s all conquering R6 has a stranglehold on the 600cc Supersport division at the ASBK after round six of the championship was held at Darwin’s Hidden Valley on the weekend.

Again, R6 mounted riders dominated proceedings with Yamaha owning the top five both in terms of the round and in the championship chase. The blue manufacturer also has an unassailable lead in the manufacturers’ championship, over 300 points clear of its nearest rival.

South Australia’s Daniel Falzon (Caterpillar Yamaha) put together a near wheel perfect weekend winning both races contested over the weekend as well as the extra point for pole position to take home the maximum 51 points on offer.

The dominant weekend saw his lead move out to 20 points in the championship but there are still plenty of laps to be done and Falzon knows he can’t afford to let up.

Behind Falzon in both the round and the championship is Aaron Morris (Maxima Yamaha). Morris finished the Darwin weekend with an ultra-consistent 2-2 race finishes and was always within striking distance of Falzon in both events.

Callum Spriggs and Mike Jones fought over the final spot on the podium the Spriggs getting the nod thanks to his better finish in the final race. The pair split 3-4 finishes but the higher finish for Spriggs in the last leg got him onto the podium for the round.

Michael Blair holds down third in the championship chase after finishing fifth for the round in Darwin.

“It was another great weekend for Yamaha and the R6 at ASBK,” states YRD’s John Redding. “All the riders are going exceptionally well and have been involved with YRD this year so we are extremely happy with the results being produced.”

“The sheer numbers of riders mounted on the Yamaha R6 shows it is the bike of choice in the Supersport class and we look forward to an exciting end to the championship.”

Round six Results – Darwin

1st Daniel Falzon – 51 (Yamaha)
2nd Aaron Morris – 40 (Yamaha)
3rd Callum Spriggs – 35 (Yamaha)
4th Mike Jones – 35 (Yamaha)
5th Michael Blair – 31 (Yamaha)

Championship Standings – After Round Six
1st Daniel Falzon – 209 (Yamaha)
2nd Aaron Morris – 189 (Yamaha)
3rd Michael Blair – 166 (Yamaha)
4th Anthony Quinn – 153 (Yamaha)
5th Callum Spriggs – 147 (Yamaha)

Keith Muir
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