The Yamaha riders and their number 1 machines
Kevin Curtain in action
Cru Halliday on route to the championship win in the Pro Stock class

Yamaha Racing Taste Championship Success on The Island

21 Nov 2011

Yamaha supported road racers have enjoyed success at Phillip Island as the final round of the 2011 ASBK championship hit the checkered flag for the final time this year with the blue squad locking up three national championships.

Yamaha Racing Team’s (YRT) Kevin Curtain won the 600cc Supersport Championship on his R6, Cru Halliday claimed the Pro Stock class on the R1 while Mike Jones already had the 600cc Superstock class in his keeping from the previous round.

The 2011 season for Kevin Curtain will be etched in his memory banks as he now adds the 600cc Supersport Championship to the four FX Nationals championships he claimed earlier this month. Curtain went into the final round with a comfortable 21 point margin over his nearest rival and another intelligent day of racing was all that was needed from the veteran to get the job done.

But things didn’t pan out as planned as Kevin raced cautiously to protect his championship lead in the opening leg and the swarming pack smelt blood in the water. Curtain clung onto seventh place, but his lead had almost been cut in half and the pressure was on for race two.

Race two and his mentality changed. Curtain took the attitude to forget the championship and deal with the race. He jumped much better and was in contention in the early stages but as the race wore on, the pressure grew as the pack formed around him. But Curtain remained calm, focused on the job at hand and raced his R6 across the line in third place and secured the 2011 600cc Supersport Championship to the relief of the YRT crew.

“Well, I made that look ugly, didn’t I?” joked Curtain after the race. “I let the day overwhelm me a little and I didn’t focus on my riding but the result. Fortunately, the team had a word to me and race two was better and we were able to get the job done.”

“A day like today shows just how important a good team is around you and the YRT guys have been awesome. Thanks to them we managed to get this championship and I couldn’t have done it without them,’ Curtain says thankfully.

Curtain’s YRT team mates also put up a good showing at Phillip Island with Pat Medcalf taking second for the round in the 1000cc Pro Stock class while Rick Olson landed in third spot for the day on his R6 in the 600cc Supersport division.

Cru Halliday put his name alongside another championship with victory in the 1000cc Pro Stock class. Halliday compiled 7-1-2 race results in the three legs to finish third for the round in a very congested leader board that saw the top four riders separated by two points.

While the podium result was nice, Halliday took a 64 point margin into the final round and essentially just need to circulate in the top 10 of each race to claim the championship win.

“Today was some good racing and enjoyed the challenge of racing with the guys. The bike was good all weekend and to secure the championship was good,” Halliday said.

Mike Jones had already wrapped up the 600cc Superstock division and didn’t contest the final round.

The 2011 Australian Superbike Championship proved successful for Yamaha taking three of the four production based championships contested this year. These results are further proof of the quality and high performance of the R1 and R6 machines.

The Phillip Island round was the final race commitment for YRT, and the crew will now take a well earned rest before tacking 2012 with equal gusto and enthusiasm. 

Phillip Island Results
600cc Supersport

1st Brodie Waters – 46 (Suzuki)
2nd Glenn Scott – 45 (Kawasaki)
3rd Rick Olson – 33 (Yamaha)

600cc Superstock
1st Daniel Falzon – 70 (Yamaha)
2nd Sean Condon – 61 (Yamaha)
3rd Kyle Buckley – 52 (Yamaha)

1000cc Pro Stock
1st Linden Magee – 60 (BMW)
2nd Pat Medcalf – 59 (Yamaha)
3rd Cru Halliday – 59 (Yamaha)

Final Championship Standings
600cc Supersport

1st Kevin Curtain – 187 (Yamaha)
2nd Brodie Waters – 180 (Suzuki)
3rd Aaron Gobert – 160 (Yamaha)
4th Rick Olson – 158 (Yamaha)

600cc Superstock
1st Mike Jones – 279 (Yamaha)

2nd Daniel Falzon – 266 (Yamaha)
3rd Mark Wilkinson – 227 (Kawasaki)

1000cc Pro Stock
1st Cru Halliday – 266 (Yamaha)

2nd Linden Magee – 203 (BMW)
3rd John Ross - 175  (BMW)

Keith Muir
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