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Yamaha Racing To Hit Horsham for MX Nationals Championship Opener

24 Mar 2010

Yamaha's three factory supported motocross teams are about to be unleashed at the opening round of the Rockstar MX Nationals at Horsham in Victoria on March 28.

Their quest for national motocross glory starts this weekend on the hard pack and rut infested Horsham circuit and is sure to be a test for all riders as they begin the title chase in all three championship classes, Pro Open, Pro Lite and Under 19s.

CDR Rockstar Yamaha – Pro Open
The double A sided team of Jay Marmont and Cheyne Boyd plan to pick up right where they left off in 2009, dominating the local racing landscape. Marmont and Boyd cleaned house in 2009 with a 1-2 finish in the MX Nationals and now on board the all new Yamaha YZ450F are primed to continue their recent success.

“We have just finished testing the new bikes and it has probably been the most extensive testing we have done since I have been with the team,” offers Cheyne Boyd, a six year veteran at CDR Yamaha. “The team went over every component of the bike and personalised it to suit and I have no problem saying this is the best race bike I have had.”

For Boyd, from Victoria, it is a home round of sorts with the Horsham event in his home state and he would like nothing better to reel off a win in front of friends, family and sponsors.

Team owner, Craig Dack of the Geelong based team, is also looking forward to unveiling the new bikes and getting stuck into the season.
“Testing has gone really well and both the riders look on song. It is also handy to have the opening round in our home state and the team plans to make a great start to the season. We have done our homework, the riders have prepared as good as I have seen them and we are right to go. Lets go racing!”

Yamaha's official Pro Lite race team rebounded well in 2009, finishing the year off strongly and now look to carry that momentum into 2010. The team enlisted Ford Dale to partner Kirk Gibbs on the 2010 YZ250F. With Dale happy to be back with the Serco team and really enjoying riding the new bike.

“After a year on the 450cc machine, it feels awesome to ride a 250 again. I feel much stronger on the bike than previous years and also the amount of testing and development we have done gives me plenty of confidence going into the first round. My body is back to 100% and Serco Yamaha have got the bike in great shape. I plan on making 2010 my best year yet,” Dale says confidently.

Head technician Michael Marty also feels things are back on track with Serco Yamaha and suggests the team are in for a big season.

“The past two seasons haven't been great for us, so everyone put their heads down during the off season and worked on getting this team back where it belongs. The riders are fitter and faster than they have ever been, we have worked tirelessly to deliver the right bike package for them and as a team we are totally prepared for the opening round at Horsham.”

The Yamaha young guns are full of youthful excitement ahead of the opening round at Horsham and already have shown plenty of good form in 2010. Local preliminary races have seen all four riders win races and with the exception of Harley Quinlan, the team will hit the first round, fit, healthy and ready to go.

Luke Styke, winner of the 2009 Under 19 championship has made the leap into the Pro Lite class and is set to create havoc, as only Styke can, amongst the established Pro Lite riders.

“Names mean nothing to me. I just want to ride my bike as fast as I can until someone tells me to stop and thats what I'm going to do. I didn't even take a break over Christmas, I just kept on riding and training for this season and I can't wait to get out there,” Styke said.

For Ross Beaton, the Horsham event is also significant as he resides in Sale, Victoria but loves the long ruts of Horsham.
“I really like the Horsham track as it reminds me of the Penguin circuit in Tasmania where I grew up. I reckon its cool to really crank the bike over in the turns and the ruts at Horsham allow you to do that several times a lap.”

All Yamaha riders will be available throughout the day to sign posters at Horsham. The event starts at 8.30am, please visit for all the details.


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