Rod Faggotter holds a 20 minute lead over his rivals after day four
Shane Diener being chased by the helicopter

Yamaha’s WR450F holds 1-3 after Day 4

24 Sep 2013

More consistent racing and some tough luck to his competitors now has Yamaha Desert Racing’s Rod Faggotter with nearly a 20 minute lead as competitors finished the final stage of day four at the Australian Safari, held in Western Australia.

Yamaha WR450F mounted Faggotter continued with his calm and focused approach on day four and finished with second and first in the two stages ran today. Combine that with a fall and injury to his nearest rival, Todd Smith, and Faggotter now finds himself 19 minutes and 54 seconds in front but with the event just past the half way stage, there is still plenty of racing to be done.

“I raced a bit within myself today and really tried to minimise any risks. After four solid days on the bike, fatigue becomes a factor so it’s important to keep a clear mind and ensure I get a good recovery in each night to stay focused.

“It was disappointing to hear that Todd had a fall today and is unable to continue. He is a good friend and great rival and it’s a shame to have someone like him not in contention as he has won many endurances races in the past and is an exceptional rider.

“Day five tomorrow and it doesn’t get any easier. The lead is nice, but there is so much riding to come and so many things that can happen that I must be 100% on each and every day. That’s what makes races like this so hard,” Faggotter explains.

Shane Diener leapt up a spot in the running order with the injury to Todd Smith and now sits in third place after day four. Diener finished both stages today in third place and is just over 20 minutes behind second placed rider Matt Fish.

“I don’t feel like I have been riding my best this week but I’m now running third in the Australian Safari so I can’t complain too much. The bike and team have been awesome and they keep telling me it’s time to take my skirt off and get serious,” he laughs.

“My goal now is to stay consistent and maybe try and edge closer to Matt in second in the coming days and see how that plays out by the time we finish later in the week.”

Day five will have the competitors rack up another 380 kilometres around the Carnarvon region.

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Running Order – After Day Four
1st Rod Faggotter – 14.10.02 (Yamaha WR450F)

2nd Matt Fish – 14.29.56
3rd Shane Diener – 14.48.40 (Yamaha WR450F)
4th Alister McCrae – 15.14.22
5th Lee Stephens – 15.20.27

Ross Briggs
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