Kevn Curtain on top again at Winton
Rick Olson improving with every event and a star of the future
Pad Medcalf battling on despite a knee injury at Winton

YRT Takes Dual Class Win at Winton

7 Jun 2010

Yamaha Racing Team (YRT) claimed two class victories in the headline FX 600cc and FX 1000cc at round two of the Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Formula Extreme Road Racing Championships held at Winton, Victoria over the weekend.

Warm and sunny conditions had the Winton circuit in perfect shape and the YRT riders of Kevin Curtain, Rick Olson and Pat Medcalf were keen to continue on their good form from the opening round and consolidate their positions in the championship points’ ladder.

The ageless Kevin Curtain picked up right where he left off at round one, taking six wins from six starts during the course of the weekend. Curtain dominated the FX1000cc class with controlled aggression and smart racing to first create, and then maintain a comfortable margin over his nearest rivals.

But victory in the FX600cc class was far from easy and took all his years of experience and race craft to gain the upper hand on young gun and teammate, Rick Olson. Again, Curtain won all three legs, but with the pair being split by less than one second in the first leg, Curtain needed to be on his A-Game to keep his win streak intact. The pair battled long and hard in races two and three, with Curtain taking the honours and able to maintain his perfect record in the championship so far.

“Rick took it right up to me today on the 600cc and he was riding exceptionally well, so a big pat on the back to him. But for me, I feel right at home on the Yamaha- both the R1 and R6- and enjoy racing them. Kev and Geoff again had the bikes in flawless condition and the results show how hard these guys work,” Curtain said at racings’ end.

For Rick Olson, the steep learning curve continues to climb and the gap between himself and Curtain continues to tighten up. With each passing race and each round his racing steps up a cog and he might just be the rider who can pinch a race or round win from the super classy veteran in Kevin Curtain.

Olson shadowed Curtain in all three races in the FX600cc and finished second in each race with the biggest win margin of three seconds. It was an intense and tight struggle at the front of the field and the two riders seem to be thriving on the racing, creating a Yamaha freight train in the top two positions.

“Like any rider, the goal is to improve and be a better racer every time I hit the track. I feel that I am doing that at the moment as I try to consistently run Kevin’s speed. I enjoy racing with him and with every race, I learn and pick up a little more,” Olson comments.

Pat Medcalf again fought on bravely in the FX1000cc class taking sixth overall for the round. Still dealing with a knee issue that prevents him from cornering the bike aggressively, Medcalf puts in 100% every time he hits the track and refuses to offer the injury as an excuse.

“My knee is banged up, but I make the decision to race, so I give it everything I have. I managed to salvage some pretty good points again today and with some more time to heal up and get some training under my belt, I’m confident I can return to the front of the pack in future rounds, Medcalf said.

Team principle, John Redding, again came away from the event impressed with his teams’ performance and the success of the day.

“All three guys again showed plenty of heart and spirit in their racing. Kevin and Rick have a friendly rivalry going in the 600cc class that seems to be elevating both of them while Pat is battling on despite not being 100%.”

“Overall the day was successful for YRT and we also had some cameras on the bikes throughout the day to provide great images for the TV Telecast, so we look forward to that when it airs,” Redding said.

YMF- Loan / AFXC
Round Two Results- Winton
1st Kevin Curtain – 75 (Yamaha)
2nd Rick Olson – 66 (Yamaha)
3rd Daniel Falzon – 54 (Honda)
4th Adrian Nestorovic - 52 (Kawasaki)
5th Jesse Austin – 48 (Yamaha)
6th Andrew Cornish – 41 (Yamaha)
7th Joel Muddle – 40 (Suzuki)
8th Adrian Di Gianomenico – 40 (Yamaha)
9th James Beck – 28 (Yamaha)
10th Lachie Thomas – 27 (Kawasaki)

1st Kevin Curtain – 75 (Yamaha)
2nd Grant Hay – 62 (Honda)
3rd Glenn Cullen – 56 (Honda)
4th Dustin Goldsmith – 55 (Yamaha)
5th Jeremy Crowe – 54 (BMW)
6th Pat Medcalf – 46 (Yamaha)
7th Glenn Scott – 40 (BMW)
8th Damien Murphy – 39 (Honda)
9TH Jamie Aitken – 38 (Kawasaki)
10th Matt Thornton – 30 (Yamaha)

Series Points – After Round Two

1st Kevin Curtain – 150 (Yamaha)
2nd Rick Olson – 132 (Yamaha)
3rd Jesse Austin – 108 (Yamaha)
4th Daniel Falzon – 104 (Honda)
5th Adrian Nestorovic – 88 (Kawasaki)
6th Lachie Thomas – 79 (Kawasaki)
7th Joel Muddle – 67 (Suzuki)
8th Dan Harrison – 67
9th Andrew Cornish – 63
10th Any O’Mara – 49 (Yamaha)

1st Kevin Curtain – 150 (Yamaha)
2nd Glenn Cullen – 116 (Honda)
3rd Grant Hay – 114 (Honda)
4th Dustin Goldsmith – 113 (Yamaha)
5th Jamie Aitken – 83 (Kawasaki)
6th Pat Medcalf – 79 (Yamaha)
7th Damien Murphy – 78 (Honda)
8th Jeremy Crowe – 77 (BMW)
9th Glenn Scott 76 (BMW)
10th Matt Thornton – 64 (Yamaha)

Images suplied by: Stephen Piper
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