The new VMAX: Yes, it is rocket science

Yamaha’s legendary flagship muscle bike VMAX is back... and it means business. The original V4 roadster achieved cult status soon after it was launched in 1985. And now following a serious workout, the beast is not just improved... but totally reborn.

Built to the most exacting standards, the high performance roadster is now introduced to the world market in strictly limited numbers.

Because of the high development cost and unique brand position of this limited edition motorcycle, the 200bhp VMAX is sold with a unique set of VMAX ordering and purchasing requirements which are as follows:

  1. Customer pays Yamaha dealer deposit for VMAX
  2. Customer and dealer fill in order form and send to YMA head office
  3. YMA advises customer that deposit has been lodged and order of unit has been successful
  4. Customer receives gift from Yamaha
  5. Delivery of units to dealer on a first come, first served basis
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