Yamaha supports a number of motorcycle, SSV and ATV rider training courses to ensure the safe operation of all vehicles. Safety and training are issues that Yamaha takes seriously and we urge customers to take part not just to learn but to improve riding skills. The Yamaha Institute of Motocross offers dirt bike training nationwide with a variety of industry leading trainers, while Lyndon Heffernan's Adventure Bike training schools cater for riders of on/off road machines. Yamaha's ATV Safety Institute Rider Training/Training Courses offers training courses for ATV and ROV (Recreational Off-Road Vehicles) such as Yamaha's Viking.

Also, whether you are interested in getting your motorcycle licence, developing your road riding or learning some offroad riding skills, Stay Upright have the following courses to suit:
·    Learner & Provisional training
·    Performance Course
·    Cornering & Braking Course
·    Advanced Skills Course
·    Intermediate Course
·    Adventure Bike Course

In addition:

Kids from the age of five can get their first taste of motorcycling at Trailblazers in Dural, NSW. Visit

For learner licensing information, please head to this section:

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