Customer Test Review - Yamaha YZF-R3

Natasha and her purple YZF-R3 are inseparable

Watching Natasha Miranda arriving on her brand-new purple Yamaha YZF-R3 motorcycle for our meeting at Benzin Cafe in Sydney's north-west suburb of Dural, it's hard to believe the 24-year-old elevator technician has only been riding for three weeks. 


While her careful movements reflect someone still mastering the motorcycle basics, Natasha's situational awareness and confidence as she maneuvers the bike into the parking space reveals how quickly she has fallen in love with the two-wheeled lifestyle.  



Natasha Miranda
“Most days, I'll ride to and from work, then once home, I quickly get changed and head out for another ride

Catching The Bug  

Where Natasha’s desire to join the motorcycling community came from is a bit of a mystery. "I didn't grow up in a motorcycle family, I'd never ridden a motorbike previously, and I can't even drive a manual car, but something inside drove me to it." she explains. “I kept seeing bike riders out on the roads having a great time, and I found myself looking at motorcycle adverts online and even started checking them out on Marketplace.”


The Right Advice

Natasha's journey from absolute newbie to a safety-conscious rider, keen to improve her skills didn't happen by accident. Each step in the process was methodically planned, utilising expert advice and guidance. Her enthusiasm proved contagious, drawing in those who share her passion and keen to assist new riders on their motorcycle journey.

"The most important thing for me was to be safe, which meant being a safe rider, using the bike best suited to me, and being protected by the correct safety gear. I started Googling things like 'best bike for learners', 'most popular LAMS bikes', etc, and Yamaha's R3 and MT-03 kept coming up. This matched the advice I received from owner's groups, so the list of possible bikes was narrowed down very quickly."


When a friend suggested she visit the team from BikeBiz Parramatta, Natasha's journey clicked up a gear. "The team from Bikebiz were excellent," reveals Natasha. "Especially Dags, he gave me all the guidance and advice I needed to make the right decision. For him, it was more than just selling a bike; he listened to my story and answered all the newbie questions I had. I can't thank him enough.


Purple Passion

With the decision that a Yamaha YZF-R3 was the bike for her, the only choice left was what colour? "As soon as I saw the R3 in purple, I loved it," Natasha says. "So, there I was in the Bikebiz dealership. I'd fallen in love with this gorgeous purple bike that I didn't even know how to ride. Dags walked through all the paperwork, I applied for Yamaha Finance, and just like that, I was a motorcycle owner; I just needed to obtain a learners permit and learn how to ride it and, and I'd be ready to take it home."


Last Piece of The Puzzle

Natasha's systematic approach to researching and purchasing her bike also extended into obtaining her licence. After dedicating time to prepare for the two-day learners' training course, she took another day to review the acquired knowledge. The day allocated for preparing for the learner's permit exam resulted in a pass with flying colours. Preparation and valuable advice collectively ensured that Natasha's two-wheeled journey did not stall before it began. The only thing left to do was pick up her purple pride and joy waiting for her at BikeBiz.


Hitting The Road
Taking to the roads for the first time on her new YZF-R3 was an experience that met all of Natasha's expectations. "I instantly fell in love with it," she says. "The only problem I've had is finding enough time to go riding; most days, I'll ride to and from work, then once home, I quickly get changed and head out for another ride. I've already ridden up to the Blue Mountains, along the Putty Road and down the south coast to the Sea Cliff Bridge - I love it all." 

Natasha even surprised Dags when she visited the dealership just two weeks after riding the bike for the first time. "He thought I was there with more questions, he was shocked when I asked about booking in for the bike's first service, which is due at 1000km; I'd gone a little over." 


Bucket List Rides

Natasha is already planning her first multiday ride, which she reveals will be a Queensland adventure. "I won't be taking the direct route, I'm mapping out an inland route that will take in all the great riding roads. Between now and then, I'll get more advice from experienced riders and some coaching to ensure I maximise my enjoyment and safety." Also on her bucket list are The Great Ocean Road and day trips to the Royal National Park, Macquarie Pass, Southern Highlands, and the old Pacific Highway. "I'm also keen to get some on-track coaching and do my first track day." 


When her license and experience allow her to step up to a bigger bike, Natasha said she probably will not sell the R3; however, the YZF-R1M she spied at the Bikebiz showroom would be a dream purchase. 



Get Out There

"The best advice I can give anyone wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle is to not be put off by small set back. The first day I rode my R3, I ran into a curb and put a little scratch on it, but that didn't put me off; it just made me more determined than ever to ride and be good at it.”   Since then, Natasha has enjoyed a trouble-free run. “Buying and riding a motorcycle opens up a new world. I've made so many friends in the motorcycle-riding community. Everyone has been so helpful and encouraging."


Natasha hopes her story encourages others to get out and have fun on two wheels. "Especially other girls, " she adds. "It would be great to see more female riders having a go. Trust me, you won't regret it."