Bulk Nutrients Yamaha Racing

After years of racing at start and local level, their commitment to racing was recognised by Yamaha Australia and at the start of the 2018 season, WBR Yamaha were bought in as another pillar in Yamaha’s national racing program as the official Under 19 team contesting the MX nationals and ASX.
By the end of the 2018 season, WBR Yamaha had finished with a 1-2 result in the MXD class at the MX Nationals and to top it off, Bailey Malkiewicz won the FIM World Junior Championships on a YZ125 at Horsham in Victoria. It was a blaze of glory to start the relationship.

With the evolution of the MXD / MX3 class, the WBR Yamaha team can now be flexible enough to house talent where its needed most. The team can bounce between the MX1/ MX2/ MX3 divisions to house riders that are important to Yamaha and keep their career path on the blue brand as they move towards the CDR and Serco teams.

Team Personnel
Team Manager: Nathan Whitten
Head Technician Motor / Suspension: Travis Whitten
Technicians: Jack Arnold / Mullet man

Social Media: www.facebook.com/WBRBULKNutrientsRacing or @wbr_racing

Team Profiles