Serco Yamaha

The Serco / Yamaha Motor Australia partnership has generated incredible success since 2001 and today Serco Yamaha is widely recognised as one of the most professional teams in the pits. Starting back in the 2 stroke days, the Serco Yamaha team began life on the legendary YZ125’s before making the transition to the YZ250F in 2003 when racing laws allowed the ground-breaking machine to compete at a national level.

The switch to four stroke and with Serco’s previous experience in both Speedway and drag racing, meant the team were at the cutting edge of racing development and success soon followed. Cameron Taylor, Jake Moss, Brendan Harrison, Luke Styke, Luke Clout, Jackson Richardson and Wilson Todd have all tasted success on the YZ250F and with Serco Yamaha.

Now 20 years later and still with Yamaha, the Serco Yamaha team continue to forge ahead and have the same determination and dedication now as they did then. The race team is the proving ground of both Yamaha and Serco products and gives them a knowledge and insight that few have in racing circles.

Team Personnel
Manager: Gavin Eales
Technicians: Paul Teasdale / Ben Dutton
Truck Driver: Jonni Row
Race Day Supervisor: Peter Rabjones

Team Profiles

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