The Symbol Mark

The Symbol mark (company crest and trademark) of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is the "tuning fork mark." 

It consists of three musical instrument tuning forks arranged in a configuration that suggests the wheel of a motorcycle, and it takes the basic form of the same tuning fork mark created as the symbol of Yamaha Motor’s parent company Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd. (present Yamaha Corporation) founded in 1897. This mark has been used by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. since its founding, as well.

The original meaning ascribed to the three tuning forks was "Let us venture boldly onto the world stage with a strong union of Manufacturing, Marketing and Technology." Today, the three forks forks have also been assigned meanings of "The Customer," "The Society" and "The Individual," symbolic of Yamaha Motor’s management principles of being a company that creates value that surpasses the expectations of the customers while also fulfilling its responsibilities to society as a corporate citizen and fostering a corporate culture where all our employees feel pride in themselves.

Symbol mark and logo mark of
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


Symbol mark and logo mark of
Yamaha Corporation