Yamalube Yamaha

2018 saw the Yamalube Yamaha Racing team move from Yamaha’s MXD / Under 19 team to have a supporting role in the professional ranks fielding riders in the MX2 / SX2 divisions and with great success. After multiple championships in the MXD division, the step up reinvigorated the team and shows no signs of slowing down in 2019.
After working with up and coming junior riders such as, Dean Ferris, Luke Styke, Jay Wilson, Jed Beaton, Wilson Todd, Mitch Evans and Cody Dyce, who have secured championships for the team, they were rewarded with the chance to work with established riders and success came quickly as Jay Wilson won the 2018 ASX SX2 championship.

For 2019, there is movement again, with the team now hosting an MX1 and an MX2 rider. Jay Wilson will remain on board in the MX2 role on board his trusty YZ250F, while Richie Evans will make the leap to the MX1 category and give Yamaha depth in the premier division. Both riders are excited for the coming season as the team fly the Yamaha flag at the MX Nationals and Australian Supercross championships.

Team Personnel
Manager: Scott Bishop
Technicians: Mike Ward / Jed Parsons
Riders: Jay Wilson / Richie Evans

Team Profiles

Yamalube Yamaha YZ250F

Yamalube Yamaha Gallery