Change the way you move

We live in a changing world. The once simple process of getting to work is now a minefield that requires careful negotiation. Traditional methods of personal mobility such as public transport and car appear increasingly less appealing. Now is the time to change the way you move…
The key to success in this complex space is to simplify. Embrace convenience, accept comfortable, avoid stress. And arrive in style. You can do all these things on a Yamaha scooter. 

Whether you are zipping around town or enjoying a longer trip, Yamaha scooters are simple, easy and fun. Our wide range starts at the super lightweight D’elight and covers our Leaning Multi Wheel Tricity 155 and 300 and is topped off by the supersports legend TMAX 560. There really is a scooter for everyone. 

Never ridden on two wheels before? Not a problem. Try one of our LMW models with the incredible twin contact patch front end. Tricity inspires confidence, especially on loose surfaces or in slippery conditions and particularly when you need to stop in a hurry. Tricity 300 even comes with the additional convenience of a Stand Assist System that makes parking and waiting at the lights a breeze. D’elight is the baby of the bunch designed for city commuting, while NMAX 155 has impeccable traffic manners with the added zest to punch clear of traffic. XMAX 300 can easily carry a pillion on a weekend away while TMAX 560 can show some of the faster motorcycle riders the hot line around the twisties. 

So whatever your own personal mobility challenge – Yamaha has the solution.

You just need to change the way you move.
Blue Core –Yamaha’s advanced small engine technology
Blue Core is the name given to Yamaha’s latest engine technology that increases the efficiency, performance and fun factor of our small capacity engines. The factory has completely redesigned selected CVT engines to ensure they meet the expectations of our demanding scooter customers. By increasing engine efficiency, Blue Core designs also have the welcome benefit of being more environmentally friendly.  
Each engine that features the Blue Core logo has achieved this status by:

1) Increased combustion efficiency. By improving the process of burning the fuel/air mix, Blue Core engines optimise fuel economy by up to 50% over previous designs
2) Reduction of power loss. Friction creates heat and robs an engine of power. So various different methods have been used to create low friction engines – such as the use of lightweight materials, an offset cylinder and roller rocker arms for valve actuation. Revised CVT transmissions also ensure that more power is transferred to the rear wheel
3) Increased cooling efficiency. The correct temperature is required for stable performance across a wide range of operating conditions. Blue Core engines have been designed to run at the optimum temperature for maximum performance

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