Forestry, Parks & Wildlife

Yamaha Sky offers a unique aerial application for forestry hormone spray and regrowth seeding applications.

Our FAZER pre-programmed helicopter provides precision application of fertilisers and new sapling seeding with precision GPS tracked results.

Yamaha Sky Forestry applications offer:

  • GPS TracMap proof of our flight path application
  • Highly accurate spray/seeding path width of 4m (>98%)
  • High endurance, longer flight time than battery drones
  • High payload capability up to 40kg
  • Fully insured and guaranteed services

The Yamaha FAZER programmable unmanned helicopter is the ideal solution in the combined forestry space when manned aerial applications require to operate in the Height Velocity Curve or ‘Dead Mans Curve’. The Yamaha FAZER is able to fly at low altitude at speeds as low as 1 meter per second delivering highly accurate payloads such as seeding, hormone treatments and herbicide and insecticide control.

Yamaha Sky provides a full services offering with our qualified crew and skilled flying all covered by the YAMAHA SKY insurance and service guarantee and we operate to stringent CASA regulations.