Fresh Fish Delivery

An example of the varied industries able to benefit from the use of Yamaha’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, is its partnership with Japan Airlines. A fish delivery system slashed the time it takes for the catch to make its way from fisherman to the restaurant.

To transport 20kg of fresh fish from a supplier on the island of Nakadori, to the island of Kyushu – a distance of 35km. Japan Airlines would handle the second leg to Tokyo, ensuring the catch was on a restaurant table that evening.

Sky Division Solution

Fitting an insulated box beneath a FAZER R G2, and using the FAZER R G2’s Beyond Vision Line of Sight (BVLOS) satellite guidance technology, the Yamaha UAV was able to successfully carry its cargo the 35km cross-ocean journey in just 40 minutes.


The haul of fresh fish was effortlessly delivered to a connecting flight to Tokyo, elimination traffic jams and missed ferry connections the traditional methods of transportation often endured. The flight time of 40 minutes was also a lot faster than the usual three hours. 

UAV Benefits
  • Fresher fish to the restaurant customers
  • Elimination of delays that can spoil the cargo
  • Reduced logistics with less handling
  • Proof on concept for UAV/commercial flight partnership
  • Excellent example of FAZER R G2’s BVLOS ability

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