Mountain Top Equipment Transport

The construction of a new power line system by Japan’s Kyushu Electric Power Company in a mountainous region of Japan resulted in the project managers calling on Yamaha’s FAZER R G2 to increase safety and save time by undertaking some heavy lifting.

The rocky, mountainous region of Japan where the powerline installation was undertaken, severely restricted any form of vehicular access. Workers were required to manually carry their equipment to the building site. This proved to be a time-consuming, costly, and hazardous process.

Sky Division Solution

A transport platform for the workers’ equipment was fitted to a FAZER R G2 UAV. This allowed 26.5kg of equipment to be flown directly to the building site. The average daily payload of 670kg was transported to the construction site by the FAZER R G2 during the building period.


The autopilot system of the FAZER R G2 was programmed with a flight path to and from the construction site, allowing each delivery to be undertaken efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy. The use of a UAV delivered time and cost saving as well as increasing safety.

UAV Benefits
  • Relieved workers of equipment carrying burden
  • Increased worksite safety and cost savings
  • Increased productivity levels
  • Expansion of usable construction sites
  • Quick delivery of unforeseen equipment

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