Aerial Hybrid Power Unit

The increasing popularity of the FAZER Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) as a convenient and cost-saving alternative to manned aerial vehicles - such as helicopters - has led Yamaha's Sky Division to develop a hybrid power system specifically for UAV applications.

Yamaha's all-new Aerial Hybrid Power Unit is not a drone, it is  a low-emission plug-and-play power source designed for use by third-party UAV companies in a range of long-flight commercial UAV applications.

Our Challenge

To develop an eco-friendly alternative to the internal combustion engine for long-range UAV flights. While rechargeable batteries have long been used for hobbyist UAV applications, their limited power output and range - as well as lengthy recharge times - have limited their commercial applications. Powered by a 390cc twin-cylinder Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), Yamaha's FAZER UAV overcomes range and flight time issues with its internal combustion engine (ICE). However, Yamaha understands the need for a more eco-friendly UAV future.

Yamaha Sky Division Solution

Calling on its 30 years of UAV development experience, Yamaha has created the Aerial Hybrid Power Unit, delivering a calculated 3.5 hours continuous flight time. The new hybrid system is set to revolutionise commercial UAV technology.  

The Aerial Hybrid Power Unit features the proven reliability of the Fazer R's 390cc ICE engine, powering an onboard electric generator supplying 300V of power. The generator charges the onboard batteries that supply power to the 17kW electric motors.  The internal combustion engine is used only for running the generator when recharging of the batteries is required. Yamaha's new technology allows onboard battery power packs to be recharged mid-flight while  the drone is held in a low-energy hover mode. The internal combustion engine is only activated when the onboard generator is required to supply recharging power for the batteries. 

Weighing just 76.6kg, the fully self-contained system decreases emissions while dramatically extending electric-powered AUV flight times and increasing payload carrying capacity to an estimated 25kg.

Aerial Hybrid Power Unit Benefits
  • Low emissions/next-gen hybrid power 
  • Extended flight times
  • Increased load capacity 
  • Replaces requirements for an external battery charger/charge times

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