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    More compact LED headlamp 
    A new LED headlamp, enclosed in a re-designed cover, creates a more unified relationship between the headlamp and the fuel tank and is inspired by the MT range’s blend of naked and motard.

    The bi-functional LED projector headlight unit is both smaller and thinner than the previous model, but still provides a broad and powerful beam with soft edges for both low and high beam settings. 

    Transparent twin LED position lights complete the MT-09’s more compact, sharp and aggressive style.

    This theme is continued at the rear with a newly designed LED tail-light. The tail-light and brake lights are separated to align with the new outer lens shape. And to give the whole rear a slimmer look, the upper tail-light lens is red, while the bottom has a smoked finish.

    Sharpened fuel tank design 
    A new fuel tank has been designed to promote a more engaged and free riding position while maintaining the sharp and edgy aesthetic that has become synonymous with the MT name. 
    Produced using a new press moulding manufacturing method, the new tank offers sharper character with clearly defined edges and styling unique to the MT models.

    Amplified CP3 acoustics 
    The grin-inducing roar of the MT-09 is one of its most defining characteristics, evoking a sense of pure adrenalin with every twist of the throttle.  

    Following the Jin-Ki Kanno philosophy to stimulate the rider’s senses and make them feel at one with the bike, sound was an important consideration in the development of the latest CP3 engine.

    The new MT-09’s sound is further amplified by a revised airbox featuring two newly designed air-intake ducts which accentuate the high frequency sounds while maintaining a linear throttle response. 

    This sound is then emphasised, especially at higher speed and revs, by the introduction of a new acoustic amplifier grille on top of the bike, delivering the CP3’s vibrant note directly to the rider. 

    Redefined riding position
    The MT-09 is renowned for its stability and agility and this has been enhanced by refined ergonomics with modifications to the handlebar/footrest/seat relationship to improve rider comfort and offer greater freedom in movement for different riding styles while maintaining a sporty forward-lean riding position.

    In order to achieve this, the overall handlebar position is now lower and the rider can now choose between two adjustable handlebar positions. The steering angle is also increased as a result of the lower profile fuel tank.

    The newly designed footrests are 30.6 mm back compared to the previous model and have been raised by 9.5 mm, while the footrest height can be adjusted to two different positions.

    To improve passenger comfort, the tandem footpegs have also been re-designed and are now mounted underneath the rear frame.

    New brake and gear shift pedals
    Each and every detail of the MT-09 has been reconsidered in order to further improve the riding experience. The rear brake pedal has been re-designed and is now made from forged aluminium, while the tip of the gear shift pedal has been significantly flattened to reduce the amount of ankle movement required during shifting, enabling smoother operation.

    Separated rider and passenger seats
    To further enhance the feeling of freedom, the MT-09 now features a separated front and rear seat, improving both rider position and convenience when mounting and dismounting the machine. 

    The step between the two seats also keeps the rider forward and over the front of the machine as the MT-09’s torque is unleashed, while the overall seat design improves rider agility.  

    A Type-C USB socket is installed under the rider’s seat to accommodate the charging of electronic equipment and electric heating wear.