Australian Institute of Motocross

Y-AIM (Yamaha Australia Institute of Motocross) is a program implemented by Yamaha Motor Australia
Y-AIM is designed to make sure that the best possible motocross training and coaching is available for riders and racers of all ages and skill levels, on all brands of motorcycles.

Yamaha sets out to achieve this by appointing an agent in each state, which allows those representatives of the Y-AIM advantage to stay in touch with riders specific needs. The program has been developed on the strong foundations of Stephen Gall's Academy of Off Road Riding, a program that many of Australia's top Motocross and Supercross riders have been part of.

State agents have been carefully selected by Yamaha based on their years of knowledge, experience and dedication to the sport. Use the links to found on this page to head to the state representative websites for more information and up-coming Y-AIM courses .