• Why a Yamaha Propeller?

    Perfect matched for maximum performance

    What is it that you want from an outboard powered boat? Optimum performance? Long life? It all depends on the right match of outboard and propeller. Yamaha Propellers are developed to optimize the performance of Yamaha outboards. The perfect match between Yamaha Propellers and the gear ratios of Yamaha outboards produces acceleration and cruising performance you can't get from other makers. Yamaha propellers are designed specifically for Yamaha outboards. Use them to get the most out of your marine life.

    State-of-the-art technology

    Developing a propeller that is a perfect match for an outboard requires a wealth of design and manufacturing experience. As a comprehensive manufacturer of marine products, Yamaha puts its years of outboard development methodologies to use in the development of propellers. Using state-of-the-art computer technologies that allow simulation development and precise data analysis, Yamaha designs propellers that perfectly match the requirements of the outboard. Yamaha will continue to develop the finest quality propellers using know-how and methods available only to the highest quality outboard developer.

    SDS: Shift Dampener System [SDS TYPE]

    The propeller has been newly designed to reduce shock and noise when shifting. The special propeller damper and high strength spacer fitted inside the propeller absorb the direct shock and knocking that usually occur at the moment of shifting to produce quieter, smoother, surer operation.

  • Saltwater Series XL/XL4

    Ultimate offshore performance - Saltwater Series XL/XL4

    These new polished stainless steel propellers are designed for large offshore boats to maximize propulsion power. They feature extra large diameter blade design tailored to the F350 V8 engine.

  • Saltwater Series HS4 II

    Ultimate offshore performance - Saltwater Series HS4/II

    These propellers are renowned for their durability and superior mid-range fuel efficiency on large offshore boats, along with excellent anti-ventilation characteristics for better handling in rough seas.

  • Reliance Series

    All-around reliability - Reliance Series

    The standard polished stainless steel propellers that offer more aggressive looking and performance than the standard black stainless steel series and are specifically designed for operation with the more powerful engines from 150 horsepower upwards. They offer excellent performance under a wide range of conditions.

  • Black Series

    Proven all-around performance - Black Series

    An excellent general purpose choice. Stainless steel construction allows for a blade that is thinner, more efficient and more durable than an aluminium propeller, with a cost effective, black paint coating.

  • Aluminum Series

    Proven all-around performance - Aluminum Series

    Yamaha design, quality, and performance in a low-cost, lightweight propeller. A good all-around choice for your Yamaha outboard. Available in a wide variety of sizes and pitches for Yamaha outboards.