Yamaha Technical Academy

Dealer Training

Exceeding our customers’ expectations for the life of the product is our primary goal. To achieve this our Dealers maintain a high level of product knowledge and technical skills through regular attendance at Yamaha training. 

Training is a major part of our dealer support activities and our trainers are part of a global training system known as the Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA)

YTA consists of three levels of accreditation designed to provide milestones for technicians as they progress through their learning career path:

small YTA_Main_Stacked_Gold GOLD: Advanced diagnosis, electrical, component and system analysis
 Small YTA_Main_Stacked_Silver  SILVER: Diagnosis, Electrical , Computer Systems, Advanced Technology
 small YTA_Main_Stacked_Bronze  BRONZE: Base technical and mechanical skills (in Australia Cert.3 technician)

YTA Oceania Technician Grand Prix

Since its inception in 2001 the Yamaha Oceania Technicians Grand Prix, both for Motorcycle and Marine technicians, has been run every two years. This brings together the best Yamaha technicians in Australia and New Zealand to compete for top honours. The winners have the opportunity to represent Oceania in the World Technicians Grand Prix held at the Communication Plaza of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) headquarters in Iwata, Japan. In the six World Technician Grand Prix’s held in Japan, Oceania has an excellent record taking one first and two third place positions.

Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) is a worldwide training organisation created by YMC to ensure Yamaha customers can have confidence in a technician’s ability to give the best service to Yamaha products no matter where they may find themselves. Through the various YTA training courses offered, this facilitates Yamaha technicians to be able to understand the latest technology and servicing techniques on Yamaha’s state-of-the-art motorcycles and marine products. The Technicians Grand Prix’s held throughout the world are an acknowledgment and incentive for the technician’s dedication to constantly increasing their knowledge of Yamaha products.