SeaBin Partnership

Following the announcement of its Yamaha Rightwaters initiative, Yamaha Motor Australia has now entered into a
three-year sponsorship agreement with Australian-founded clean tech start-up company, Seabin™. 

The landmark agreement will see Yamaha Motor Australia become a major sponsor of the 100 Smarter Cities for Cleaner Oceans campaign.

Originally designed as an on-water waste collection and removal system, Seabin™ has evolved into a comprehensive research, analysis, technology, education, and policy development program with a truly global reach. Its Ocean Health Data Platform involves the removal of plastics and other marine litter from waterways while cataloguing the debris for further data analysis.

In July 2020, the company installed 16 of its Seabin™ units in the waters around Sydney Harbour with the aim to reduce marine litter in Sydney’s waterways. Over a 12-month period, the Seabin™ program collected a staggering 16.5 tonnes of plastics, surface oils and other debris.

This 12-month pilot program was also the first step towards the 100 Smarter Cities For Cleaner Oceans (SCFCO) campaign. With the assistance of Yamaha, the goal is to have similar programs operating in 100 cities around the globe by 2050. 

Yamaha Motor Australia’s sponsorship will support the expansion of the Sydney Harbour program, funding an additional 16 Seabin™ units to be placed in strategic locations around the harbour. The expanded program will also include data analysis, community engagement and education. Yamaha will also provide a powered vessel to improve collection efficiencies.

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