Public transport has never been the ideal solution. Sure, a bus or a train will get you close to where you want to be, at a time that may or may not be acceptable. But why take that risk? Add the hassle of waiting in line to board an overcrowded bus full of strangers who may or may not be healthy and the risk increases. If this sounds like a situation worth avoiding, you have two options – bike or car? But a car has it’s own unique problems including purchase price, traffic gridlock, high running costs and parking hassles. The smart move involves two wheels – and now is the best time to make that move.

Whether you choose a Yamaha scooter or entry level motorcycle, you’ll get to work on time, every time. And you’ll arrive with a smile ready to take on the challenges ahead. That’s because you’ve ditched the weekly Opal card. You’ve saved time by cutting through the gridlock. You’ve parked close to work free of charge. You’ve filled up at the servo with gold coins. And you’ve experienced the freedom and fun that only two wheels can offer. Change the way you move now!

All these models fall under the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS).

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