Art Of The Outboard

Did you know that a Yamaha outboard engine can contain up to 3000 individual components?

From selecting raw materials, to conducting the final inspection, a Yamaha outboard is passed through the hands of numerous expert craftsmen


Many people ask why Yamaha outboards are renowned for their exceptional quality, performance, and reliability. The answer can be traced back to two things - Kando and Monozukuri.

The feeling of deep satisfaction and excitement when you encounter something of exceptional value, quality, and performance. When Genichi Kawakami, established Yamaha Motor in 1955, his mission was to give all customers Kando.  

A synthesis of technological prowess, know-how and spirit of Japan's manufacturing practice. While Yamaha’s production methods are rooted in logic, it also values the tradition of its craftsmen taking sometimes illogical yet invaluable extra steps to deliver a product that is uniquely Yamaha. 
It’s Yamaha Monozukuri only when it resonates with your senses. If a marine outboard motor does not create Kando, it is not a Yamaha. And it isn’t a Yamaha product if it does not have world class Monozukuri.

Another driving force behind the development of every Yamaha marine outboard is innovation - one of the five brand pillars of Yamaha Motor Company.
Yamaha is always striving for new and original ideas that are ahead of the times, and things nobody else has done before. Yamaha has always looked for new challenges. Original concepts power the future of Yamaha Motor Company products.

The next time you are considering a new outboard motor, ask yourself these three questions, is the product innovative, does it have Monozukuri, and will it deliver Kando?

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