Hooked - A #UnitedByYamaha Film

The family-owned Cruise Craft brand is enjoying an amazing journey that shows no sign of reaching its destination anytime soon. The Australian boat building company was founded in 1946, and over the past 75 years there has been three generations of the Nichols family at the helm.

While the Yamaha Motor name does not stretch as far back as Cruise Craft, the two companies has enjoyed a long-standing and ongoing development partnership with new technologies driving them into the future.

Company director, Nathan Nichols, whose grandfather founded Cruise Craft, is a leading voice on Australian boating standards and construction methods. He and his fellow company directors, brother Justin and cousin Darren Nichols, are all passionate about the history of the Cruise Craft name, as well as its future direction.


Darren Nichols
What we are trying to do is turn an idea that starts life as a drawing on a computer, into a tangible product 

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