Out There

The #UBY Odd Couple

A chance meeting between the owner of motorcycle adventure company RideADV, Greg Yager, and enthusiastic but inexperienced rider Joann Atherton, has resulted in a partnership with mutual benefits for both. For Joann it opened and new and exciting pathway to satisfying her life-long desire for adventure. For Yager, it has reignited the passion that drives his dedication to bringing new blood to the sport. Together, the pair is blazing a trail for female riders to follow into the exciting world of adventure riding.

Just two months after purchasing her first motorbike, Joann was involved in an accident that resulted in a broken collarbone. While the accident dented her pride, she knew motorcycle riding was going to become a big part of her life. “The issue was, I just didn’t have the skill set required to do it properly,” Explained Joann. “I needed help if I wanted to do it safely and maximise my enjoyment.”

Enter Greg Yager and his RidAVD crew. 


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