Sharing The Sea's Blassings

One Man’s Inspirational Journey Back From Tsunami Devastation

Sitting in the beautiful waters of north-eastern Japan, and less than one kilometre off the coast of Miyako, is the tiny islet of Hideshima. Home to a vast array of burrow-nesting sea birds, its proximity to the coastline, along with its forested plateau with high cliffs, have created a natural breakwater with conditions perfect for scallop farming.


At first glance, the quiet and idyllic setting appears to be a million miles from the world's cares. However, the scars from the 2011 Tsunami that devastated the region are still visible.

Prior to the Tsunami, 12 fishing families operated out of Hideshima’s fishing port, only two remain. Some perished in the disaster, while many quit - vowing never to return to the sea. Today, a solitary scallop boat, displaying the name Ryushomaru, sits proudly in the water awaiting her captain.

Sharing The Sea's Blessings, is Volume 3 of the Yamaha Motor Corporation-produced Field Born series, a collection of short SDG documentaries. The three-minute filmtraces the tough journey back from adversity undertaken by Masahiko Taiko, a Miyako scallop farmer and the captain of his boat, Ryushomaru.

Like many in the region, Taiko lost almost everything in the Tsunami, including the person responsible for introducing him to the ocean - his father-in-law. Despite the tragedy, his passion for fishing and love of the ocean did not waver. Following the Tsunami, Taiko returned to the water as captain of his own vessel, Ryushomaru, with the goal of keeping the Hideshima fishery tradition alive for future generations.

The Field Born documentary features stunning cinematography from the fishing region where Taiko and Ryushomaru spend their working days. 

Visit the Global Yamaha web page to learn more about the Field Born series of SDG movies.

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