Ténéré 700 World Raid - Staff Test Ride Review

We dipped into the pool of experienced riders walking the halls of the Yamaha Motor Australia head office, and gave two of them the keys to a pair of shiny new Ténéré 700 World Raids for a week. In return we asked them to make a video log of their thoughts about the new machine.

The Ténéré 700 World Raid is the perfect adventure bike for those who crave exploration and want to push their limits. With dual fuel tanks that allow for longer trips, advanced suspension for added comfort, improved ergonomics, and rally-inspired styling, the World Raid will make you feel like you can conquer any terrain. Featuring advanced specifications that includes: state-of-the-art suspension, improved ergonomics, rally-inspired styling and multi-mode instruments with incoming call and text message notifications, the Ténéré 700 World Raid is a motorcycle that can make the world seem a much smaller place, and take you on the journey of a lifetime.

Matthew Stevens, Brand Manager For Yamaha Accessories

Matthew chose the Midnight Black colour scheme and clocked up 1000km in just a  few days. The first thing that struck Matthew is how nimble and agile bike, despite looking like a tall, long-legged creature with long-travel suspension. Having ridden the standard Ténéré 700 previously, he said the upgrades on the Word Raid took the bike to a whole new level. "The additional fuel supply and suspension upgrades are certainly a plus, as are the more comfortable foot rests. The new TFT screen is really nice touch."


Matthew is a tall lad, standing 6'4" so he is not used to being on his tippy-toad once aboard a bike. "I was surprised how tall this bike is," he revealed. "Being a taller rider, I also caught a bit of wind buffeting off the screen, but I think average size riders will be nicely protected behind the bars - perfect for long rides."


Through the test, Matthew connected the bike to his phone via Yamaha's My Ride app, which you can learn more about in his Vlog.  

"Riding wise, I enjoyed bitumen, unsealed roads, roadworks, and dirt roads, it handled everything without an issue," he said. "One of the trips I did was 500km in one hit, and I was comfortable for the entire ride, so top points for comfort."


While the majority of his riding was done on road, Matthew reported impressive fuel economy. "I did 400km of road riding on a single tank; for adventure riding that sort of economy would be brilliant for weekend long rides."


When it came to accessories to be fitted if he was to own a Ténéré 700 World Raid, Mathew said his shopping list would include a higher screen to raise the buffer area slightly higher, exhaust to amplify the twin-cylinder engine's meaty note, some luggage, and a centre stand. 


Matthew Stevens
I did 400km of road riding on a single tank; for adventure riding that sort of economy would be brilliant for weekend long rides


Sean Goldhawk Land Mobility Marketing Manager
Sean grabbed the keys to the Icon Blue World Raid and instantly felt at home on the new bike. He is no stranger to the Ténéré 700 having clocked up 13,000km on the one he purchased last year - a high percentage of those kilometres have been off-road. A true Ténéré Tragic, Sean is happiest when he’s taking the road less travelled. 

Asked to sum up his thoughts on the new World Raid, Sean was glowing in his praise. “It’s a great long-distance adventure bike, an improvement on the standard model in many areas, including fuel range, suspension and comfort/stability,” he said. “It may be bigger and heavier,  but it carries that well. The fuel tanks are narrower at the knee point and lower than the standard model despite holding seven litres more fuel.” 

Comparing his standard Ténéré 700 to the World Raid, Sean said his standard model feels like a big WR450F, whereas the World Raid feels more like a small Super Tenere. But the World Raid suspension is noticeably improved. 
“The bike rides beautifully, it’s very planted, steers very well, has great tyres, plenty of comfort, and despite being an adventure bike, it all makes a great daily commuter.”

You can hear all of Sean’s thoughts by watching his Vlog in the video panel.


Sean Goldhawk
My standard model feels like a big WR450F, whereas the World Raid feels more like a small Super Ténéré