Lights Camera Action!

#UBY Behind The Scenes

Yamaha Motor Australia staff and their family members have become the stars of the recently released #UnitedByYamaha brand campaign film, revealing hidden talents beyond the capabilities displayed in their day-to-day roles.

While the three main characters in the short film are played by professional actors, all the major supporting roles, and the required army of extras, were filled by members of the Yamaha family. The opportunity provided all with a first-hand look at the exhausting multi-day effort that goes into producing a polished 60-second short film.



If you have not yet viewed the #UnitedByYamaha brand campaign film, visit the dedicated web page to find out more.

Using the storyline of a non-minimalist family camping trip, the short film begins with professional actor Jamie Vergan removing a Yamaha EF2400iS generator/inverter from the back of the family Ute. While Jamie has appeared in a swag of feature films, including Superman Returns, this is surely the high point of his acting career. Jamie’s on-screen son and fellow professional actor, Logan O’Donaghue can be seen carrying a kitchen sink as he enquires “Is that it?” before the shot turns to Yamaha’s own Tara-Lea Albury - Genuine Parts and Accessories National Marketing Manager – playing the familiar role of mother and wife. Lurking in the background on the sofa, is Tara’s real-life daughter, Sadie.
The following scene is where Yamaha’s Sean “Geeza” Goldhawk makes another of his legendary acting appearances, this time as a farmer, chasing Nancy the recalcitrant sheep. Sean is undertaking the pursuit aboard another Yamaha legend, the AG125 farm bike. Sean and Nancy formed quite a bond over the multi-day shoot.
From the land to the water, the story turns to YMA’s Executive Assistant, Michelle Brown, shooting across the water at high-speed on a Yamaha GP1800 Waverunner – no special effects or stunt people required here! Michelle is a hotshot on a Waverunner. In pursuit, on a similar machine, is Jason Moujally from Yamaha Marine dealer, Dan’s Jet Power. Jason is an accomplished PWC racer but had trouble keeping up with speedster Brown. Lurking in the background on a third Waverunner is either Jason Cowley - NSW & ACT DRM, or former YMA employee Nathan Ellery, depending on the angle and which day’s footage is used (the magic of television).
From the waterways, we switch to the fairways where YMA’s own golfing legend, Garlic farmer, and Dealership Development Manager, Russell Jansz, has sliced yet another ball into the rough. Russ has little to worry about with Rylee Robinson (daughter of YFS Business Development Manager, Carly) at the controls of the Yamaha G29-E DR2 golf car. Unfortunately, mum Carly’s scene -that reveals where Russ’ golf ball ended up (in her drink) - hit the editing room floor. Word has it, it was a Logie-winning performance!
Next on screen are three tykes on Yamaha fun bikes. Olivia Ferry, daughter of Matthew Ferry - General Manager Sales & Marketing MC/ATV/SSV, along with Myles Albury, son of Tara-Lea from the opening scene, are enjoying a ride with Thomas Jones, son of Garth Jones – Logistics Engineer with Garth Getz. The three little speedsters are a segue to a trio of Ténéré-mounted adventure riders that includes RideADV owner and bLU cRU partner Greg Yager, Jen Smith from Adventure Moto, and our very own Man in Black, Mr Mystery.  
Flying into the next shot on a Yamaha WR450F is Yamaha ambassador and unbeatable female off-road racing legend Jess Gardiner, followed closely by Jeremy Carpentier on a WR250F.
The final scene has professional actor Reid McGowan - whose acting credits include being a Power Ranger - arriving via a 25HP Yamaha outboard-powered tinnie. Reid is carrying the evening’s dinner, which almost calms the nerves of Nancy the sheep.
As the camera pulls back to reveal the now-crowded campsite, Chris Dobie gets his two seconds of fame with Yamaha guitar in hand, while fellow YMA employees Nick Marshall, Cory Hillsley, and Tony Khouri – along with his awesome Yamaha-powered fishing boat – can also be spotted. Also on hand is Ryuji Uematsu from Rysen who was on-site with his family. 
The fast-moving 60 seconds of footage produced by Qube Productions took more than three full days to shoot at three separate locations. The editing stage required five days of tough decision-making to produce the result you can view here.
Behind the scenes, Ollie Sharp - Brand & Content Marketing Manager – did everything from camera operator to catering assistant while managing to keep his man bun out of all the shots. 

Congratulations to everyone who took part in producing the #UnitedByYamaha brand campaign TVC.

The Ollies (Like the Oscars but presented by Ollie Sharp)

Bounce Back award
Goes to Olivia Ferry. Olivia found herself cross-rutted during filming of the little tykes on fun bikes scene, firing herself over the bars. The tough little trooper got up, dusted herself off and climbed back aboard to shoot the final shot.

Working With Animals award
Goes to Nancy the sheep. Nancy was incredibly easy to work with. The team had planned to have her most of the afternoon on Day 1, believing her scene would be the hardest to film. However, she was done and dusted in three takes – that’s professional acting ability!

On Set Love Affair award
Goes to Sean and Nancy. Reminiscent of the onscreen chemistry between Bradly Cooper and Lady Gaga in the smash-hit movie A Star Is Born, Sean and Nancy formed a special bond during filming. We think it was the leather gloves. Nancy’s handler said she had never seen Nancy take to someone new so quickly.

I Can’t Do That! award
Goes to Russell Jansz for his golf scene. Russell was handed a box of sparkling new Yamaha-branded Titleist ProV1 golf balls for his scene. Making the shot work with the best morning light and background required Russell to hit the brand-new top-quality balls into a dam. He just couldn’t bring himself to do it, so a bucket of practice balls was provided until the team was sure they were ready for the hero shot.

The So Close! award – lead role
The editing team were gutted not to be able to include Carly Robinson’s starring performance. The film crew was running out of daylight as they tried in vain to time the golf ball (that Russell hits) to land in Carly’s cup just as daughter Rylee (driving the G29-E DR2 golf car) sped into the background. In the end it proved too difficult to nail. Look out for the upcoming BTS film to see Carly’s performance.

The So Close! award – supporting role
The original third member of the PWC trio was Jason Cowley. However, Jason was unavailable for the second shoot due to a date clash. The film crew dressed up former staffer Nathan Ellery in Jason’s PWC kit to fill in. He referred to himself as Jason’s stunt double.